Of images millions of
Words millions of songs celebrating
Humanity dancers dance and chorales
Harmonize and world anthems rip for kings and queens
Who rule less than a second and then die
The quiet moment comes and glistening
Baubles turn to tears endings slam
Loud or silent come without
Demand fate will
Nothing that we are
Remains with inscriptions
And dust less now that ever was
Will remain particles of who we are so
So not think your moment will grant you anything
But fame or beauty grant you more of the same and such things
Won’t feed you like a live apricot tree or love you like
A real child lets the angels resound the skies and
Let the stars write poetry let the oceans paint
The earth with life let the forests breathe
Pyramidal pristine faces crumble
Baring blocks that also
Under acid rain
And carbon skies no
Human face can match a cloud
Not arms wings feathered bright or modest
Far above up circulean prayers have more weight
And send them up in human towers unseen until heaven faints
With sweet perfume of kind intent for it is not your beauty
Or your wealth or health or intellect that matters
To Forever all that matters is your love In
Deed no movie tale or story man can
Write can take the place of one
Life lived or one lesson
Learned and taught

… and pass down only love and only love pass down until the world learns nothing is worth more or more beautiful.

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