You I Will Love

Whisper everything
You desire
The wind will carry words
Breath stops in my chest
For a moment
Your eyes
Sunshine under a parasol

I will love you

Small gongs
One languid hand rises
Falling into oceans of blue silk
Make you dizzy with dreaming
All is read
Mechanical flow
One beautiful face
Just before sleep
Movement in time
All is one
Zen headed

You I will love

Raining radiance
My light would
Kiss your thoughts
You will feel me
When you fall in trance
Your mouth expressing joy
Compress past and future now
Pick each note
Take this second now

I will love you

Before a rhythm starts
Nerve spits fire
Folding now fluttering
Twinkling sounds

You I will love

I will love you with the unseen
I will love you with prayer
I will love you with intent
Flow upwards
Layers flung wild
Clap the beat
You make the sound pock
Drum boom

I will love you

Centered at the heart
Tick tick tick tock
A moment
Drawn to heat
Everything and nothing
Sunlight centered
Moths in night

You I will love

You simply are
You are an orchestra
You are dreams
You are extraordinary
Track slide timing clock
Only follow sweetness
Riffling pools
Pulled in
Flashing bits of time
Feeding back loops
Bright silk bows
Bobbing past dancing dragons

I will love you

Stone houses
Red canyons full of trees
One boat glides
Wooden paddles push
Graceful robes flow
Whistling too sweet

You I will love

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