“Can you just enjoy this as it is?”

He was typing to me and my mind was somewhere in a caravan full of people in a land I never had been to. I was watching bright orange skirts race across the sand. Then, suddenly, cherry blossoms fell like fragrant snow over quaint arched bridges and cleverly made gardens designed to look as if they grew that way. I closed my eyes and there was a faint sound of laughter, as if real people were with me…

“Sorry yaar my mood is off. I just can’t get into anything real right now it’s all too real. If you want to write something I can probably do that?”

He knew he was going no where and he wasn’t pushy. He had plenty of cyber flesh if he wanted it. He was really starting to love this weird lady and it sort of bothered him because she even knew she won him bets and did not mind. She was not easy to deal with. She could be amazing and mind blowing one minute and the next minute cut his cyber balls off and shove them down his throat. Maybe that was the attraction? She was like an adventure movie: you could never tell if you’d be hit with Marilyn Monroe or Medusa. He thought about her all the time. Even when he was looking at some other woman’s naked photos her mind was there, laughing at him, sending him unexpected comedic naughty stuff.

“How do you get in my head like that?”

“Hahaha! You saw what I sent you? The image?”

“Yes I did and it didn’t help me any!”

She laughed and decided to test him some more. The ultimate thing was to touch another human mind without words. Perhaps all the years of nearly solitary confinement had made her more skilled at this? She smiled inside as she remembered a friend who spent years playing these brain games with her had told her, “You need to watch what you think. When you think some of that stuff I can FEEL all the people, in a 100 mile radius of you, get extremely horny!” She had retorted, with flying fingers, “I am not responsible for the passion of the world!” His words came back swiftly, “You were not thinking about passion and some of the stuff you think of only happens in…” She had cut him off then and refused to read what he wrote. Here was a new soul coming down the cosmic freeway and she always tried to teach them but very few could learn…

…very few.

“Ok then tell me what I was thinking?”

“Wesi nehin nehin…tooooo embarrassing!”

“A haaan app sharmila?” She raised one eyebrow as her fingers flew.

“URDU! You need to learn to write and speak it a lot better but it drives me crazy! Dewana!”

“You need to excel in your world so you can get all the blessing it has to offer…”

She was like this. It drove him insane! She would flirt right up to the line and refuse to cross it! She could have him breathing heavy and then ruin the moment!

“I know.” *sigh*

Life is a play, a very real play and she had written her own stage directions for many years. It was her way of making the world, unseen, come to life in one small room in front of a box that let her communicate with people 8000 miles away just as if they were in her room with her. She imagined what it would be like if…

…her eyes closed and she imagined, as hard as she could, that LOVE was standing right behind her as she typed the words clattering out in time to Japanese shamisen music. Love was warm and smiling and was wearing an old, brown leather jacket. Love smelled like men’s cologne from the 90’s. She was almost lost in a zen headed mode when the computer made that SOUND and she realized that she had stopped typing.

He wondered where she went? One moment she almost sitting next to him in the same room and then she was gone.

“Are you chatting to some one else too?”

“Only in my memory yaar…only in my memory.”

He was so jealouse of that memory but he could not say a word to her. His destiny was one of his parents choosing. He would honour that. He had honour, such as it was, that he would not even accept help from her. At the same time both of them had the idea that this was not the best thing for either of them but they were addicted to technology and to each other. As all addictions go they would go and a new brand would come in the course of time. This would go on until his nikah and valima and then she would be an unseen memory out on the high desert plains of his mind, wearing a bright orange skirt and laughing in the sun.Fractal heart spider

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