In the darkest places

In the human mind

There is light of a kind.

Sometimes in the bright day

You can see the sperm of angels flit


Across deep blue skies

You may be unaware

Those sparks

You see with your own brain

When you see those angel sperm

You are looking at your true self

You look like light

Where the light originates

A dark and dead place

Without this inner light

To animate your smile

Your heart

You would be nothing but a meat bag

To feed the roots of  a tree

This light is what I love

I don’t love your eyes

Your hands

The thought of what they will do to me

I love the light that makes your face glow

Your spirit only those with eyes can see

You will have this no matter your age or place

This light was born with you

You were made of it

It will live

Long after those lovely cinnamon eyes are gone

The most beautiful thing about you

Only those with a real love can see

Then and if they wish to see you right now

This second

They need only to go and gaze at the sky

Watching the sparks flit

From one brain to another

Around the electric circle of the earth

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