Surface Muslim

We think we know so much about another person because of long term association or hours and days and years of exchange and, in reality, we have only scratched the surface of who they are.

I use the word ‘surface’ for a reason.

Some one called me a ‘surface Muslim.’

My first thought was, “This one thinks they are God and therefore they know this?” Because of the situation I asked that question knowing it would only escalate a situation already spiraling out of control.

So let’s get to this word, ‘Surface.’

“He is gay therefore he is only a SURFACE CHRISTIAN.”
“She is a hooker and therefore only a SURFACE MUSLIM.”
“They are not REAL JEWS because REAL JEWS have to prove they are a part of the blood line. Wanting to be Jewish is not enough even if you memorize the Torah.”

People are not REAL Hindu’s because _______.
People are not REAL Buddhists because _______.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

What about PEOPLE…what about REAL PEOPLE.

Have you NEVER done ANYTHING wrong in your LIFE?
I am not supposed to even write this because, technically, I am not supposed to look at where other people are fucked up in their beliefs because I am not perfect enough to make that judgement. I am not God. I have my ideas of right and wrong and I live them to the best of my ability but if what my brother is doing is stupid, but not hurting anyone, I am not supposed to look at it.

I am not supposed to watch others collect beef and cheese cake photos and I am not supposed to notice if they dance with girls wearing bikinis. I am supposed to keep my eyes downcast so I don’t see my brothers and sisters sins. I am not supposed to even know why Veena Malik got famous because I am not to even look upon that or give it importance. I am not supposed to watch drug addicts shoot up or care who is drunk. I am not supposed to write this. I am not supposed to think about how bad someone else is.

For me this is the love in Islam.

There was a whore, who helped a starving dog, who went to heaven and a pious woman, who starved a cat to death, who went to hell. What someone does in the privacy of their own home should not be my business unless they invite me into that business and I agree to go there.

I believe in Allah. I believe in One Almighty Being that created all things and that does not mean my brother has to believe the same thing.

Surface. See that is JUST IT. We are not supposed to judge the SURFACE. We are not supposed to call other believers ‘infidels’ because of a SURFACE.

There was a crooked butcher in the market place with a bad temper who cheated people and yet he was successful and the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to know why and followed that man to see what he was about and found that man gave up his entire life to take care of two disabled parents. When I say his whole chance at life that means marriage and kids and EVERYTHING.

Surfaces. “She looks like a whore. Her head isn’t covered. He is acting gay. They are not believers why how could they possibly be believers?” These things the people say and they can’t SEE ANYTHING BUT SURFACES.

Only Allah can SEE SOULS.

What Do You Think?

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