The Life They Lived

Another person is dead today because of the kind of life they lived.

This person will join hundred’s of thousands of other folks, all over the world, who have died because they were too free, too happy, lived over oil-rich ground, didn’t need a bank, were addicted to drugs, were _______ (fill in blank) and were ALIVE once upon a time. I am not going to add a name to the start of this because, at the same time one makes the news, several more go to their graves with no fan-fair.

Not even a mother’s tears.

This world is really messed up. The weapons of choice depend on the actors whether they be whole nations or single individuals but whether or not it’s a knife, a gun, a truck or an A-bomb makes no difference: thousands of people died and will die because of the kind of life they lived. There are the ones no one knows about until they are dead. Kids of colour or lower socio-economic status who are just street litter for target practice in the inner cities of every nation on earth. They die daily. They die the same way as those who are incinerated in the fires of bombs in wars they never asked for.

I don’t mean to diminish anyone whose death is ‘The Headline of the Day’. Death diminishes all of us. Killing someone for oil or sin either one is as low as humanity can go (unless the sin breaks some universal law we can all agree upon like “All murder is bad.” or “Stealing is wrong.” Hardly anyone will be horribly upset if a serial killer is killed and not many will be terribly sad if a serial thief is locked up).

People make the memes making fun of this one or that one for not caring about who died or why they died and for not wanting to see that the world is on the brink of what might be a mass self annihilation of the human race and I understand very well why there are those who hate the news.

I hate the news.

I would much rather find Pikachu in someone’s ass, make fun of a Tahir Shah song, or gaze at photos of incredible beaches than I would see the frightened and gaunt faces of people fleeing their homelands which are now rubble and dust. I am glad Malala is alive to celebrate another birthday and I am sad that this girl ‘Qandeel’ is dead and If I never knew her name before I know it now. By killing her you gave her a vast huge importance she would have never had before had you let her live and more than that I am sad for all the atrocities we humans have visited on each other in the name of God and morality while destroying our own morality in the process.

We are God?

We have the right to dispose of another human life for this small offense or that one? The one who kills loses too. Even if you get away with murder the world is gonna know it and you are not gonna find someone who will really love you, on this earth, ever again except your mom and you made her cry her eyes out because you killed another one of her children and just destroyed your paradise under her feet.

For all the ones who think they know and all the ones who are sure they don’t but mostly me for seeing my fellow man with such a jaundiced eye. We were made to be higher than the angels. How the shaitans must be laughing at all of us.

What Do You Think?

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