Wasted Iron

Horses running free,
No waste of iron,
Now I’m missing this world,
Where we collected,
Honey Bees,
Instead of lust.
Who’s this now?
Who stares at me
With eyes confused?
The Mirror is cracked,
With too many old times.
We were so wild.
The world was our dream.
We had our lives and God
Now our old sad eyes
They barely justice our coverage.
A lot of people.
Any one who wants,
Listen to him.
Listen to me.
More sad visionaries.
I’ve had visions.
And spit on the paper,
I wrote them on.
The whole world sees you.
One of those too,
Once was, and I wish like this:
“Looks like a magnet?”
I asked the universe of the mind.
Magic on you.
My soulmate.
My confession.
So many times.
Wearing different faces.
Oh my god I love you so
I love you now.
I loved you every time I saw you.
See you.
Any space.
Within all souls
All eyes on you.
That smile
Now I’m eating dust.
Just riding strong under the sun.
Why do we have thorns,
Jumping on the next?
I collapsed.
Like a scare crow
One stitch at a time.
Before the end of it.
We both fell again.
Bloody and screaming.
Once again
We laugh and play.
Because of love.

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