1. You never leave me
    You have lit thousands of nights
    With the gold flecks
    Dancing in merry eyes
    I worship you
  2. Alone
  3. Your voice
    Trying to escape
    This intensity
  4. Yes
    Tsunamis are just ripples
    Tornadoes only dust devils
    Perhaps vulcanic
    If so
    It was when time began
    Sleeping now under tears
  5. Raining
  6. Destiny is such a bitch
    She gave me you
    She snatched you away
    Her years ate you
  7. Here
    Deep in my heart
    I worship you by myself
  8. Forever nameless
  9. You caress my skin with air
    You warm me with the sun
    In the depths of my mind
    You are the only untainted spirit left
    Maybe satan refused to bow to aadmi
    But I will bow to you
    In your far away throne
    Shining as the mirage
  10. Glimmers
  11. In the deserts of my soul
    I tried
    To recreate Time
    Found it was not possible to move
    Reversinging chanting wishes
    As if these sounds
    Could make myths live
    I worship you
  12. Alone
  13. Yet even now
    Your voice makes me soar
    3000 miles away
    You never see my tears
  14. Over and over
    I found bits of you
    Scattered over the playing fields
  15. Lost in the wind
  16. I am still happy
    To stand and watch the love
    Belong to everyone else
    The God must surely love me
    Though tears run freely
    Through these words
  17. You will never be my dream
    You will never know me
    Only a clown
    Crying through a painted smile
  18. You feel it now I know
    What it means to love
  19. You are more beautiful
    With every day that passes
    You will only ever speak to him now
  20. I will lay here in these lovely fields
    That bloom within these bones
    Where magic is alive
  21. You may never speak to me again
    But you cannot stop this heart
    It will beat until Destiny calls it home.

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