Thank you
For the years you were the brightest star
In this western sky

You fell with the Perseids

What a mighty trail of light
Went out on the way down

Opening eyes
On rain today

Let the skies do it for me
I killed the messenger for you
You had left already and won’t be back

Still you have so much of me in you
There will be days you think of me

I also helped to shape
Who you have become
Always a part of who you are

Never touching
Never kissing
Never planting words in mental dirt
To grow thoughts impossible to fulfill

You have become
Another constellation in my sky
The Perseids will always fall

The day the stars fell
From my eyes

What Price?

What price is there
For living life the way you chose
How much did it cost
To get to the bench you sit on now
Watching flowers grow?

How many upside down
Glass cups of hash smoke
Broke how many cherries bled
In vans of orgies
We chose to attend
With peanut butter at the end?

How many plastic baggies fill
The land-fill
That were once filled
With Colombian Gold
Spanish missionaries never found
How much
Was every breath of nicotine
And every thing we dropped
In mystery
Not knowing what the end would be
Until it fooled us
We were free.

Yes we
Forgot who died
Who went into the wild
Sans the wisdom to know not
To eat the root
Yet wrote the book
After a life was gone
Here we are
We have to carry on
And on and on and on
Until we reach whatever we head to.

What is it that we seek
We never ask it
Until we’re weak and then it comes
In shocked surprise and dangles
Just before our eyes… yes:
A universal joke
That started with a daring toke
Ending when the hash-smoke broke
And left us standing here alone.

I would have married you the day
I ran my childish hands
Through still brown curls
But our world
Says that such a union is doomed for Hell
And so we knew it and we ever only blew it
In our minds because I’m certain
I was not the only one who felt that way
I did I knew too much
Though just a kid
I wished you would take me home with you
But you belonged to the world
For all you were a rebel man
And now the world passed us
In a thundering roar.
It’s too late to know the score and
There’s no chance for any more.

The short short days with halter tops
Were short short days until the youth stops
And the pride of place is lost
In the dub step shuffle of decades
While you hold the memories of years
Jewels falling out of trembling hands
Into the abyss of forever
All the places that you dreamed of are still
Nothing more than foreign lands
Full of the same war we fought
Over and over before just with different names
But it’s all the same King of the Games.

So here I am
Writing these words
While my old cat drools over birds
At his best place by the French doors
That maybe once let in oil-whores
That I ran with for long enough
To know what love is worth
For a night
After several drinks
When no one’s thinking
It will send and you won’t even know
The name of who it was thirty years later
You will only recall a ginger ass
Bouncing in the dark
While the starry skies flew over head
Wars came home
With coffins full of the dead
Blue skies fled across the hours and days and years….

…until it is that sunshine falls
Upon the public housing walls
And the wheeled walker
To the bus stop full of people
Your grandfather would cry to see you hug….

…or maybe smile…

…because we are only here such a very short while.

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Call Me ‘Ka’

A bubble
Iridescent remnant
Left behind Mercury’s feet

You came to hold me
In the night of lonely darkness
When Life seemed worthless

You showed me I am not alone
Call me Cato
Call me Ka
Call me anything you like
Say you made me up
From the thought of air

I have been here for you
I will be
Not leaving your mind
How can I ever leave myself

The skies are the place we walk
Fragile and sweet
You and I will laugh
We will watch it all disappear

We will become the skies
We will be darkness
We will be light

The only reason I love tears
Or willingly swim
With Dodo birds
In the insane Sea of Alice

There was never anyone
As beautiful as you are

All these years
I believed it was someone else
But here you are
I am smiling at you
In the mirror


If you turned around
You would see me faintly
Standing behind you

Rising above that desk
Close your lovely eyes
Everything will vanish

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin

All around you
Thorny walls
Like the ones
Princes have to destroy
All around you

Take my hand
Incline your head
Circle the Yin and Yang

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin


In that darkness
You are a light
Like the ones lit
In the night
When one waits
For an Unmet Beloved

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin

Tell the tales
Those same tales
Old and forever new
Since you
Pulled magic
From nothing came this


It is so cold
Dante’s Forest all around
Every time I reach for you
I see where death
Is required to acquire

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin


So it stays a dream
Dream of dreams
Written out in silent
Moonlit nights

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin


Smiling with each word
Within the words
Your light is my joy

Spin spin spin
Thread weavers spin

The Bows

There is a rainbow in this box of play,
I ‘wouldn’t have it any other way’,
It’s not a kind of symbol of ideal
But rather; simple, beautiful appeal.

I am biased; in this fact there are no lies.
I love black, green, gold and blue eyes,
Almond shaped and crescent shaped the same,
Tan, white, red curly head and tamed.

My beautiful ideal is hard to match.
It is even more impossible to catch.
How can you manage every single trait,
Of such awesomeness in just one single mate?

But then again there is a time in space,
When peace comes while the world is apace,
And suddenly all beauty comes together,
Like rain and rainbows come in sunny weather,

And, like a meadow at the summers start,
All flowers flung before my blissful heart,
Much better never plucked and only sung,
So they will be eternally young.

The embers of the soul you never meet,
Upon any dirt or grey concrete,
But only in the sharing of the minds,
The book of Love is opened; Beauty finds.



We say goodbye
Each moment flies away
I never loved you enough


We loved so deeply it was hate
Our strong weakness
Belonging no where
To no one
Escaping any way we could

The unlivable moment

The unlivable moment
I fight the demons you left behind
You lived them
I let my mouth form your words
Until you could not stand
You use my eyes to see
I am now in your tracks
You walk with me now
The future of lost impossibilities

You tried so hard
Inspiring death
You tried to be
Inspiring fear
A man no one taught you to be
Inspiring awe
Working each idea each day
Hurling prayers in tornadic winds
Throwing time away
A force like Nature
For all our sakes

A Titan

A baby crying
The bloody walls
You tried to teach me
The bloody halls
You tried so hard
The moment peace came
Intensity without a name
In golden strength
Singing away the years
Until you sang
Tears slide into tears
Waves of life away
One tear slides
Full of burning water

The saddest part
That loved never loved
Of each of you
Full of your heart
Screams in my head
Every tear falling now
Old lullabies

Old lullabies
Can we start everything again
When love was a river
Walk against this limit
When there was a family
Papa take my hand
When there was a chance



In the darkest places

In the human mind

There is light of a kind.

Sometimes in the bright day

You can see the sperm of angels flit


Across deep blue skies

You may be unaware

Those sparks

You see with your own brain

When you see those angel sperm

You are looking at your true self

You look like light

Where the light originates

A dark and dead place

Without this inner light

To animate your smile

Your heart

You would be nothing but a meat bag

To feed the roots of  a tree

This light is what I love

I don’t love your eyes

Your hands

The thought of what they will do to me

I love the light that makes your face glow

Your spirit only those with eyes can see

You will have this no matter your age or place

This light was born with you

You were made of it

It will live

Long after those lovely cinnamon eyes are gone

The most beautiful thing about you

Only those with a real love can see

Then and if they wish to see you right now

This second

They need only to go and gaze at the sky

Watching the sparks flit

From one brain to another

Around the electric circle of the earth


Fractal Crackers

If I could love you
On nights like this
When everything
Is so lonely the music is
All that speaks to me all
The real men
Are somewhere else
You were born today
They say
So much happening
All at once

When I was cleaning
Strange numbers
From your gift
So like the one
From my papa
I saw his number
Still there

All these years
I called
Still busy

We are all still busy

Wet eyed I will spend
The rest of my life
Looking for you…

…for him…for

Someone like you both
Each in your own way

Profoundly everything

…like me.

The number
Has been busy for years.

Rage like the volcano.
Passion like a Roman Orgy.
Holiness like a Masjid

Or a Cathedral.

Love like The God.
Compassion like a mother.
Hatred like a 1000 devils.

That was us.
Is us.

There are
Some sobs with joy
So intense it eviscerates
A kind of pain that challenges

Breathe another day!

Hiding the face
Of stone the fist
In the skies of fire.

We did not hold back
We held back
We broke.
We lived.
Crushed we melted.

I know you are real still
I know we will be real still
All of us
The wanderers
The homeless gypsies
The outcasts

Time will shrink us
Flesh will fade
From our magnificence
We will cannibalize
Each the others souls
Until we are one
Once more

I Stand Where You Are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

One step
Then another
To your side
Glides the silken sweep
On clean marble carved
With runes of Laughter
From the heavens arches
Around covered feet
I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

No Prison
No isolation
Near You
Around You
I stand
Where You are

Resting in this orbit
Reaching up
Dripping into my hands
Fingers of giant trees
Combing tress’d wind

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

Like a child
I will just be
Bursting light
Into the axis
Connecting Heaven

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

My aim
My target
My goal
Always was

I stand
Where You are

Spiral uncontrolled
Until innocence reigns
Each moment
Flowing backwards
Filled with bright colours
Butterflies forgive
Sharing the dust
Of glowing flight
No more pinned
No more ether’d
No more tongue-less
No more silent flight

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

Free to cry
Free to laugh
Free to dance
Free to live

For You
All my being
Transformed from tears
Every memory

I stand
Where You are

We called
This music
We never knew
We will a gentlness
Keep turning
Skip the words
Only when this ends
Will LIFE begin
Leave this plane
Leave this place
Leave where you believe
Only when we leave
Will LIFE begin

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

I stand
Where You are

Lock’t around your axis
Up towards your smile
Sliding these hands
We will be one

I stand
Where You are

You I Will Love

Whisper everything
You desire
The wind will carry words
Breath stops in my chest
For a moment
Your eyes
Sunshine under a parasol

I will love you

Small gongs
One languid hand rises
Falling into oceans of blue silk
Make you dizzy with dreaming
All is read
Mechanical flow
One beautiful face
Just before sleep
Movement in time
All is one
Zen headed

You I will love

Raining radiance
My light would
Kiss your thoughts
You will feel me
When you fall in trance
Your mouth expressing joy
Compress past and future now
Pick each note
Take this second now

I will love you

Before a rhythm starts
Nerve spits fire
Folding now fluttering
Twinkling sounds

You I will love

I will love you with the unseen
I will love you with prayer
I will love you with intent
Flow upwards
Layers flung wild
Clap the beat
You make the sound pock
Drum boom

I will love you

Centered at the heart
Tick tick tick tock
A moment
Drawn to heat
Everything and nothing
Sunlight centered
Moths in night

You I will love

You simply are
You are an orchestra
You are dreams
You are extraordinary
Track slide timing clock
Only follow sweetness
Riffling pools
Pulled in
Flashing bits of time
Feeding back loops
Bright silk bows
Bobbing past dancing dragons

I will love you

Stone houses
Red canyons full of trees
One boat glides
Wooden paddles push
Graceful robes flow
Whistling too sweet

You I will love

One Pair Of Shoes

We will go
One day

Where green hills
Roll up
Fling green capes
Over raw rocks
Icy cold
Clean streaming Life
Swimming in smiles
Away from judgement
Only to enjoy
Music sung by crickets
Birds and rain
Air bubbles trapped
On wet pebbles
Racing over star sparkles

Far away
You and I

Little one
Freckled gamin-faced
Sad and merry eyes
Unable to believe
Unable to give up
Hope amidst chaos

A place
Where no one is ugly
No one compares
How lovely is a colour
Or a shape or face
No one is alone
I will take you
Where Love lives

Reach up
Take my hand
All the days




Together even when
Each believing
We walked
In only one pair
Of shoes
With only one pair
Of feet

Our house
Will not last forever



Take my hand
One foot
Next step
One foot
Next step

One our steps
Will rise up
Out of road dust
Into deep skies
Past space debris
Past Time

Almighty One
Always we were
Always are

Your song
Your words
Your creation


All wars are over
The last of distant bombs


Wandering landscapes
Hope sprouts
Into harsh air
Acid rain
To teach Earth
To breathe again


From holes in the ground
Living tombs
With caloric need
They thought
There would be
Something left

For the strong

Even Alexander
Cannot whisper here

Tears fade
Eyes look up
Wandering skies
Lost clouds
Uncertain winds wobble
Like uncertain legs

Feet pointed
Both directions
Envying the dead
Their peace


Yet inside deep
The seed of survival
Seeks to recreate memory
Into reality
Into joy
Into towering perfection
Words spill
From quivering old lips
From dried tongues


Beings who flew
Beings who built
Beings who changed the earth

Into the world

Around new fires
New myths come
Everything has changed

Wide eyed
New children
So different
From those who used to be


Build things
Called ‘Sky Scrapers’
Out of junk and stone
And say it was destroyed
By God because of pride
The days the world
Spoke one language

Fire rained down
Fire was the clouds
Fire was the only thing that lived

Everyone glows
This light from within
Entire creation



LIVES in such
Those Dark Ages
Could not see

That the cover slipped
Off of now
Will be became
Was also present

All at once

The wheel
Invented all over again


To turn

Words Words Words

No sleep no
Sleep no sleep
How can you love me

I understand me not
No no no no so it goes
On on on the hours pass by

Alone alone alone fall fall
Almost like we fight while smiling
Or maybe you are water

Moving easily around the obstacles I throw
These humpty dumpty beats of my heart
Looking for a certain grin

From far away and long ago
Was it sounding wobbled flautists
Curling notes back from core notes peeled

Like boiled eggs never hatched
Go go go swaying away
Like the old fashioned ladies stalking flower pots

Beats beats beats this fist of flesh with every
Word word word swaying today
Gone gone gone staccato stately slide

In a gliding road winding forwards always
Here here here is where is was all erased
Whisper softly those words

They terrify me more than death
Love means you suffer
Until the words

Words words words of this day eight years ago
Were finally fulfilled


Let me write to you
The taut suspense time throws
Over the horizon
Before light raises a warm, bright hand
Covering a world that has forgotten angels.
Pray my Love pray!
Pray for limitless joy!

Pray for blind humanity
Clacking the words
Describing a world reft of touch and dreams
Left in the spark firing pistons of the human mind
Tickling dancing chemicals
Neuronal travellers astral
Leaving into dreams.

Hold me closely
In the moment of discovery
When souls magnetic mergers
Excite the unseen fields.

In The Dream,
Body to body twined
Blood to blood
As two become one
Rocketing like prayers of joy into Paradise.

Pray my Love pray!
Pray for limitless joy!

We need more
Than the food light grows in a surface of dust
Like a child’s face at play.
We are that nameless thing
Connecting to each other in wild desire.
We are the chill on scalp and neck,
Rolling down backs
Curved in intense prayer.
We are the mouths
Open in amazement as cities grow
Change and fall
Then rebuilt upon the fallen
Rocks that shook before

Pray my Love pray!
Pray for limitless joy!

We are forever.
We are the signature of God upon the earth.
We are trees of leafless heat
Cracking the dark stormy skies
The thunder of hooves on summer dry plains
Vast they are a sea of grass
Only by the imprint of the memory
Of antecedents in spiraled words
Who wrote our being
With the quills of spirits flying before and behind
The point of time that is all things all at once.
Rip off the mask!
Show the universe your smile!
Creation sings for you.
The trees cry for you.
The oceans roar for you.
Rise fearless into perfection!

Pray my Love pray!
Pray for limitless joy!