All of it

It is worth

The river of tears

Worth the years alone

Worth the falls

Turned into flights

Worth the place

I find myself

Before a solitary keyboard

To have you

Even once

In my life

If you could see

The way I am smiling now

If you could feel

Those rivers of love

Never dammed nor damned

That will flow to you

In my forever

I will touch you

Without touching

Love you

Without owning

Give you away with joy


Many times

Many lives

I will always know you

Always love you

Always give you

What I can’t even give myself

All of it

With a Nod to Dio and Owl City

It’s a confused jumble…If you try to make it make sense you will cry alone for a non-existent home. Smile the crooked smile.


Yes tomorrow.

All behind is enough salt water to drown in for thousands of lifetimes washed out to sea and left this old beach covered with treasures. They play upon weary eyes in the morning sun setting too fast into stars whirling into your beautiful soul.

My hands are empty. Full of the nothing of the universe. Laughing. Feeling death close sometimes but not a strange threat but a simple reality. Holding clouds and sunshine and rain in open fingers splayed to play with nothing. Form and mould nothing into dreams and fantasies of love. Never hungry in my mind I live lives past imaginations and whole encyclopedias and even ‘ten billion fireflies’.

Feel the changes in the winds fall upon the earth like catching speed and falling gems breaking apart in wild scattered analogous to reality of nothing inwards outwards words swords stirred into soup some call insane but I understand it all too well…

Heaven and Hell…

You asked me what it means to love? You are like Dorothy wearing shoes you don’t know you own. How can I tell you what love means when the world calls ‘need’ love? You gave me a black circular gypsie skirt with silver sequins on it and let me wear your life you walked upon to bits and now I have a silver cuff with South American medallions and your tearful question.

What does it mean to feel passion and feel it die over and over and over until your heart grows nothing but rust and dried roses? How to answer your beautiful old child-like face as my fathers eyes use mine to see what you are that you cannot see…how to bear the reality that we all dance away from each life is swiftly as…

…yes it is gone again.

The moment.

Love rides the high skies sliced by light in darkness without name it cries tears and suffers for no return and smiles. How can you say you have not known passion? How can you ask the definition of love from one who cannot even hold the sun and clouds in both empty hands?

All the things I should have done…they mean less than the nothing I cannot hold. They did not happen. How can I explain to you what nothing means? How nothing can make you suffer until you ask for death to marry you and when it comes you stare at it and fight to live and keep on fighting when the reasons are no more than moonlight silvered day under scudding storm clouds I do not want to walk yesterday again if I cannot change it.

I only have tomorrow.

I only have the next moment.

The stairs sway and rock like the earth wobbles on the stiletto spinning drunkenly as if hit…we blew it up inside and out with mushroom blasts and radical matters and suicide crews whose melanin stayed to fight as if programmed by a thought alone that vibrated like a sound…

…like a prayer…

Pray out loud. Make the electrons dance. Pray with every cell in your being. Pray or cry because I hate to feel the force behind the words…the rent veils tattered in the sowing winds…You ask me what is passion?

It is loving souls you never touch as if they live inside your own and breath every breath you share their eyes and hands and fell the things they feel in hungry nights or bliss of the first kiss or…face and face and face and face again each star-like lovely face is cupped in empty hands full of…


Absence Present Changes

Slowly music draws me
Into a picture of frilly pink
On a Summer day
Deep in June
Playing princess in the dirt

Absence present changes stay the same

The carriage came without horses
The dress was ragged and used
I never knew it in those days
My mind created all I needed
All I dreamed of under the sweet gum

Absence present changes stay the same

Here in the rain on the fourth floor
Changing the locks again
Moving onward to a question
Drawn in unstable sands
By beginning-to-tremble hands

Absence present changes stay the same


I see your words
You think of me I know
Never saying anything
Wondering for the distances
How life moves on

Fly with this one
Fly with that one
But always flying
Always on the wing
Always smiling and dancing

There is a wordless cry
Screaming to galaxies
Inside you roam the emptiness
Things that decorate your mind
Your hair and sweet dark eyes

Word-falls bounce
The dark rocks point in accusation
Skies weep for the face of stones
Where roots failed to hold
The ice and snow are the cap

You would ask me what we are
We are eternity expressed
In human eyes that see
In hearts made to desire everything
Asking “Why is this my destiny?”

Another Song Only I Can Sing Alone

Wond’ring if ther’ll ever come a day

when everything is right and I belong

Wond’ring if I’ll ever have a say

about the way my life is right or strong

If the sky falls down for Chicken

Little in the storm will lightning strike

If my eye calls one soul to me and

we travel super spaces as we like

Cycles of fitting in and falling out and dancing shout amen

Era’s of sitting in and getting out enhancing doubt again

Just when I reach the top of the curb and think I made it to the stair

I fall and find myself looking at the sky and all the stars are there

And maybe if I’m graced one day I will get to explore out where

Bodies are not needed to house the human mind….

If it’s true we are a thing that we can

not see unless we were in the dark

I hope the thing I am will leave pos

-terity an everlasting mark

When my body betrays me and I am look’n

at the sky while lying on the ground

I stopped trying to interpret what just happen’d

to me as being downward bound

Nothing I can do can change some

of the things the world handed me

I know I’m strange and that’s the way

                       it’s always gonna have to be

Cycles of fitting in and falling out and dancing shout amen

Era’s of sitting in and getting out enhancing doubt again

Just when I reach the top of the curb and think I made it to the stair

I fall and find myself looking at the sky and all the stars are there

And maybe if I’m graced one day I will get to explore out where

Bodies are not needed to house the human mind….

Dance Away

Something in me wants to sleep
Escape this here and now and sleep
Do all the things that life denies
Escape the tears escape the cries
No drugs to lean on like a crutch
No hallucinations….such
Are those found in the realm of dream
Tired always force myself to go
To go and happy be in spite of all
And yet to know that some things
Will never be…not for me…
Somehow to be glad for what can come
Alone in understanding self alone
Wishing wishing as if wishes did come true
Some do come and again some never do
Something in me wants to sleep the day
In dreams close my eyes….

….and dance away….


Time went on
Little children

Playing in the dirt
Bright white grins
Were left behind
Old skins shed

Innocence lost

To hold on to a dream
You once saw

A moment
In a flower
Time goes on
Leaving behind

Strength and pride
Upraised chins
Time keeps going
Bodies fail and age

Heavy as rocks
Try to hold on to Life
Time stops short

Seven Pairs of Scissors!

Don’t worry to much about tomorrow because it’s gonna happen or not no matter and life is so full of so many things to enjoy even when it’s hard to see the reasons for the very real physical pain there is always another season you will get up and start again don’t over think it all don’t strive for too much perfection that will keep you from the right direction it is great if you can remember you used to do things cause you liked to not because they were expected if they are will be rejected in the end of everything you have to try to sing and it hardly matters if you can still carry a tune in a bucket if the world doesn’t like the way you sing tell them to make love on the beach but mind the sand it’s pretty nitty gritty and feels like exfoliation wandering down the willow the wisp path avoiding the class math walking alone like you always do but finally not in the deep deep bluesy funk but you were such a choosy drunk and while I wander through the worlds of words and wonder what would happen if I could cut the twists with seven pairs of scissors at a time…

Long Live The King!

‘Not sure what to do. I said hi to a fellow resident and noted his T shirt looked like a British flag and said he worshipped the king and I was a little surprised because he looked like a guy right out of the cast of Duck Dynasty and I am white and I was born in Texas, for the record, although my spirit is Okie and my accent is my mother’s accent and she is from ‘up nawth’ and so people think I am too but I digress.

So I was surprised and I asked him if he really did worship the king and did he know that Queen Elizabeth was still alive and he gave me a weird look.

With a very belligerent tone he said, “I worship God who is Jesus Christ my Lord and Saviour the King of the world!” So I smiled at him to try to break the tension. He had the local accent which I like and I can do also having lived here most of my life and most people I have met love Jeff Foxworthy and his redneck style so to try to break the tension I laughed and said, “Yes you are right I guess a red neck wouldn’t worship queen Elizabeth.” He was suddenly highly offended and said he wasn’t a red neck and walked off and I have to try to apologize for it the next time I see him which might not be so easy as he has several friends here who also look like the cast from Duck Dynasty and probably I will have to make an apology to them all but the interesting thing about all this is: I am white. OK yeah I hang out with other people too but ???? What a weird situation to be in. If you think racial and religious tension doesn’t exist you are living on another planet!

Almighty One

All that there ever was
Was You Almighty God
All that will ever be
Will be you Almighty God
You are the only One
Who loves me anyway

Forgive me
For you made me thus
Passion for many
Undirected unknown
Every love poem I write
Is to You
Revealed in each soul I love

Sweetest pain it is
To love so much
With only You and I here
But I know Your love
For me is past my understanding
So I hope my tears are Your diamonds
Though made only of glass

If You are all I have left
Let me love You in every face
Let me see You every place
Let me laugh with you
With every friend
Direct that Love towards me
I need You
You Love me

Heart throat aches
Tears dropping
If You will only see favour
In the least of these
In Your Keeping I am
Smile at my mistakes
You knew I would make them

If I could only love You
As much as I need You
Almighty God they think I do not pray
They think I do not know
They think I am not aware of You
You know

Imagine (thank you John Lennon)

Never confuse a population with it’s rulers. Rulers often do things the population does not agree with. Just because the heads of nations do things people do not like does not mean the THE PEOPLE of those nations agree with them. If we believe all that we are told to believe we will be hating people from India, people from America, people from Saudia, people from Great Britain, people from Iran, people from Palestine and people from Pakistan. This is convenient for rulers: for us to hate each other. If we did not hate each other how would they be able to make people fight and kill each other?

There are people in the world who do not belong to any nation or people or religion and they come in two forms:

The first form is the good-hearted peace-niks who abhor war and hatred, in all their manifestations, and see the idea of one unified Humanity in the light of world peace and equality for all.

The second form are those who would USE this idea, of no rulers and no boundaries, to destroy those who believe in that idea and rule over the very people who would agree with them now and blame the ills of Humankind on the idea that religions and Nations exist.


This is why you can have Al Qaeda supported in one nation and destroyed in another at the same time. This is why nothing seems to make sense in the latest transmogrification of modern war-fare. What APPEARS to be nation against nation is nothing more than people, who have no REAL national affiliation, doing the job they were sent to do so that the Earth can be ruled by the few…and then the One…

‘They’ are like ‘Anonymous.’

They are not public. The leaders you see that you think you get to choose from are their servants. They have no national or religious affiliation and, therefore, can move with impunity in ways that makes no sense so anyone who does believe in diversity and cultural identity. They are Chameleons. All they do is not in anyone’s interest but their own and in this they prove they are, also, human but I think they are also only puppets for another inhuman force.

Those who think this does not exist have a right to think so but I believe this DOES exist. The name you give it does not matter it is the same thing.

(Music by John Lennon. One of the first types.)


Whisper to my heart child
Bright feather-fall
Inside my heart
I am so green and new
Round eyes staring at blue
Oh how birds sang then
To the me that still looks out
These old windows
Dreaming of red dirt fields
Blue and yellow white
Grey scissor-tails
How the aria of my soul
Flies like those kites
We made from spray paints
News papers and rolls of twine


Taste the way the land feels
How Nature shows you It’s alive
Hold the earth in open arms
Eat the sunshine and the rain
This is not real this now
Not one moment
What is real was is and ever will be


Gemstones In My Crown

The riches that I made

Are nothing about material in this life

There are some people
You never can stop loving
No matter how much you try
They are like a one way light-switch
They are light all the time
Not always easy to explain why
Sort of like a meeting of minds
Where all the hidden sweetness finds
More of it’s kind
I can’t stop loving
I tried my best
It’s not my nature to be heartless
I failed that test
But this is how it is supposed to be
Or it would never be this way
I would never feel sad
Because of you another day
But the sadness is beautiful too
Yes worth it all are you
All of you who sent the lights
In cold dark nights
Who made the lonely world
Worth living for
It was written you for me
Even for a year or maybe only three
Even though you might be gone forever
That is only here upon the dirt
Gone you are never
You beat behind this shirt of flesh I wear
Everywhere like springtime flowers
Summer showers and the winds
That sweep down prairie plains
Once I was sad I had to carry all the memory
But now I see the beauty of the gemstones
In the crown of my heart

Kick Up The Green

Spring is starting to
Kick up the green
Red blood inside
Art we are
Want to
Make you
Guess what
I want to make you
Head into the sky
Jump on the unseen
I can
Go go go
Every word floods
I am the crafter
You are clay
Let me make you
Oh oh oh
Let me make you
Kick up the green

Sine Wave Shimmy

Don’t ask
Bang bang
No not
Little little
That rhythm
Big moon
Spring sprung undone
Pari ji
Chand moon
Sun frown down
Smile hustle
It won’t matter
Shimmy sine wave
Don’t ask