Heading for a Broken Heart

Headed for a broken heart
She doesn’t know it yet
But I think she suspects

Recalls the guy she left
Cryin’ in the drive way
When she left him that day

Went to where love lives
She was sitting on a chair
Another girl was there

Mama and his Gramma
His whole family
Was there to have some tea

Leaned over the table
Whispered through his mama’s hair
“That’s your daughter over there!”

Looked to where he said
It was the new girl he had met
From his college days jet set

Was the girl no man could have
She just laughed and kicked the fools
She was well equip’t with tools

Looked at the girl in the chair
Looking at the man she wanted
With sad eyes oh so haunted

Looked at the newest girl
That girl looked back at her
Then looked at his mother

Was smiling happily
He had most everything
A young man like him could dream

Walked right out of her life
He left her standing in the drive way
The day he went away

Knew soon he would find out
The same thing that she learned
About how you get burned

It always comes around
No one can stop the time that comes
When you get what you gave plus some

You have to see the truth
Or be doomed to repeat
Failing to complete

Write this from where I stand
Knowing what I see
Once again will be

This time it won’t be me….


After the juice of life is gone
Some stain of it
Will colour the glass you drink from
That once held my spirit
Full of you
Like distant storms
Towering and cloaked in majesty
Wearing every word I wrote
Transformed into gems
Sewn into air
Falling like rain stutters on cement
Or slaps upon the sand
I will cup both hands
Until they fill with you
Sparkling dazzles into what I was
You will become real
Time will cease it’s rot
We will see the majesty
Braiding our being into epic love
Handfuls of your hair
Knotted at your neck
I will decorate you with all of me
Behind two closed eyes
This old tale told anew
The velvet and the bite
Lucent sweetness electric
Floods of thought angelic horns
Sonorous sound sliding
Over staccato rills melting
Into rain ice recedes
We heal one another trading
Love for pain that lesson you
Taught me in a dream
Becoming one together swaying
You became me
And I decided to live the time left
If you would hold me near you
Even while separated by dimensions
I feel your hands move through me
As if I were smoke healing
With such reverence
No never
Was I so precious to anyone
As I was to you
Who tried to appear
In a form like mine
Your love
That will wait softly
These human moments
Until I come

Ragged Holes

Tonight I dance alone again
Fantasies I create
Illusions so perfect
Like a ballerina spinning
On a music box
The metal prongs
Twinkling out the tune
Plucked from ragged holes
Stabbed into a circle
I call my soul
You will be here with me
Although I am alone
There is no sorrow now
You are as free
As every note played
From every flute
On every lonely hill-side
Those holes sing
Every time the cold winds
Blow through
Your life breath playing
Music for me to dance to


Within the Dream

Squeeze the wind from the tartan bags
Pluck the raindrops from the stringed harp
Blow away last year’s leaves with sharp exhales
Upon the flute play the bodhran boom
Vibrate the skies and fill the eyes
Until they make rivers
Fill the seas and dance on feet
World wandering wonder’s beheld
Never leaving the dream of dreams

Kick Up The Green

Spring is starting to
Kick up the green
Red blood inside
Art we are
Want to
Make you
Guess what
I want to make you
Head into the sky
Jump on the unseen
I can
Go go go
Every word floods
I am the crafter
You are clay
Let me make you
Oh oh oh
Let me make you
Kick up the green

How to Live a Life With Two

You can’t save me
I can’t save you
I remember the day
You told me that
Our addictions did
Not belong to each other
It cannot go both ways
It can’t be all my fault
And none of yours
‘Cause with us 1 plus 1
Only equalled one
Half of you and half of me
Left half of us alone
You can say you gave 100
But I will claim the same
At the end of everything
We each cared more about
Me than you and if you say
It ain’t so you are lyin’ too
Yo ain’t it about time we
Owned up to fact that we
Were both too selfish and needy
To understand how to give
How to live a life with two

Towering Rapture

When the room is empty
When the night is cold and dark
When all that is warm
Is a cat snoring on a hearth
I close my eyes
Allow the images of yours
To stare into mine
Asking the questions
Also answering them
No words needed for the trip
Just close your too now
I will hold your brain
In spirit hands gently
Sending all my joy and love
Sitting inside you
Sharing your shell a moment

My friend your real is more like dust
Real things float between atoms
Making love
Sweeter than any flesh can feel
Restored to what was
Is and ever shall be light
Within you and within me

A drug so potent never was
To cause this meaningless happiness
Resting on the brow of Infinity
Nanoseconds with you are aeons
Aeons are eternity
Even tears are gratefully cried
To feel this towering rapture

Under The Closed Door…

…a slice of light shines from the long white hall with it’s shiny, black eyeball watchers embedded in the bottom of the upper floor. Under the door and through the light I escape the glassy black eyes and their impersonal stare. I rise to the sky-light in Winter’s still moonless night cold humid cloud fog feels more dense than the glass whose atomic structure yields to my unsubstantial existence.

You have called out to me.

This form feels no cold.

I am weightless darkness moving across the earth upon the winds. The updraft of a stray trade wind throws me aloft into the jet stream. 300 to 400 miles per hour I speed as the jet snakes past oceans and continents. I will reach you before you wake up, look in the mirror, and douse dark curls with water and look at your black eyes in the small mirror above the sink. I soar East and the sun has not yet shed a ray into the nascent skies.

I feel you. You are wearing that semi-circular torque around you…drawing me into your atomic structure…

…into your dream.

“I have come.”

You lay on a green hillside sprinkled with tiny white star-flowers. Your lashes brush your high cheek bones soaking in the sun before it arrives and the call to prayer breaks the hush of dawn. Your face smiles with the peace of the moment.

I look at her through barely opened eyes. This has always been a talent of mine: to call these creatures of the wind. She is small and fair like the flowers. Snow white curls blowing in the mountain wind framing a child’s face. She is one whose age means nothing. I say nothing. She stands there and moves, carefully, until she casts a shadow on my face and I can see her more clearly.

Green eyes. Slightly pointed ears. She does not look centuries old.


She moves over the earth without touching it and sits beside me. She lays her hand upon my chest and understands I am also not human…not in this place. Her hand is small and her touch is like feathers. Without words she lays down next to me and curls up very close. I hold her easily with one arm. The breeze blows her soft blue dress over the hairs on my arms tickling them and making my skin laugh. I can feel that she feels, too, the ground move beneath us. 

What a lovely creature it is who called me, who holds me so tightly to himself. Still he seems not to have seen me but I know him too well. This world is only overlaid upon the one we live in. I slide my hand under his leather jacket and feel the hairs under the cotton shirt making it stand away from his body. I feel his skin laugh under the material. Birds fly overhead speaking their chirrrrrr chirrrrrr language and somewhere drums beat.

Maybe it is our hearts that sound like thunder in counter-point?

The wind makes trees sing with the birds and the drums of our hearts make a music beyond the sound of humanity. My hand climbs to his face. It needs no mind to make it move. He still says nothing. Over the short beard my fingers stray to his lips. I feel a thread spin through my ether as he takes my fingertip between his lips and starts what I can imagine…

…I slowly pull away and cup his ear in one palm, curving it so that the wind sings louder.

“It sings for you beautiful one.”

His eyes open. Within them I see all the light and good things to my darkness. He is Day to my Night…Joy to my Sorrow…mirror of my soul.

“So it always is that darkness comes clothed with light…”

“So it always is that light creates the shadows of Time…”

Inside I become outside and outside she becomes inside. Sweet smells come from grass the colour of her eyes crushed for the sake of Love. 

Now both his arms encircle me as the sky does the planet and he pulls me on top on his long slender body until my arms frame his face like a pale halo and his long dark lashes sweep upwards, white teeth flashing into a smile. His eyes hold me like his arms hold me and the blue dress from the sky flows over his legs while my knees rest on either side of him, barely touching the ground. Green grass tickles my toes. The world sings a chorus of birds and hearts and the voices of the trees.

Fierce joy rises up in me. I want this one I have called to me; to serve and protect and love. One hand moves without thought to the soft white curls dancing in the breeze and cups and tangles and her sea green eyes close as she gives her mouth to me. Her hands tangle in my hair as well.

His mouth tastes like well water. I am thirsty for this kiss! Sing birds that fly! Sing for this love! Beat drums! I feel the love he cannot say with words pressed against my belly.

The first ray of sun reaches it’s greedy fingers over the pregnant earth. Azan is called.

I awake in the middle of the night.

My arms are empty.

But It Won’t Be Inside Your Mouth

Yesterday was love
It seemed there were lessons to be learned
We always seem to need those on a holiday
So I woke up from a dream I wished would be
But it was just a dream you see

And so I came to this conclusion:

Don’t believe in dreams
You’ll end up with both open eyes
Empty hands believe in only what is real
And lives inside you

Papa told once the truth
When I was just a youth
and I will repeat the same thing now for the you

Wish in one hand shit in the other one
See which one fills up faster
Do not place your hopes on movies stars or kings
When the movie ends you will be left with nothing
When the kingdom crashes down you will be all alone
With nothing in a pile of rubble staring
at your empty hands
Don’t put all your happiness
Upon another person
It is very likely one day they will be gone far away
And don’t imagine you are happy
Because you have a home
Because really
All it is is just a place for the sack of skin you live in
To reside

Abide in that skin and you’ll be home
No matter if the kingdom falls
No matter how the winds may blow
And if it all comes crashing down again
Just smile and walk off
Like the hero did
In the movie that you only just remember from a dream

Oh my friend don’t cry
Don’t let your soul belong to the world
World will betray you
Don’t let your mind get set upon a game
The game the game will slay you
Don’t let money be the only focus of life life or beauty
You will someday lose it all
You will lose it all and the angels will come to take you away

Nothing much will matter in the face of that day
The things you dreamed the most of then
Will have nothing to do
With the things you thought you loved outside of you
It will be the love you gave to
More than dreams
Love who you are
More than the dream and shooting stars
More than anything on earth love God

The rest is just the wind
Yes wind is beautiful
It makes the silent things sing out
But it won’t always be inside your mouth…


My soul

Come back to me

Away from this badly written play

Given such importance by humanity

There is nothing here of value

Worth more than You

My soul

I want to hold You

Gently in two hands and heal

All the wounds that have almost killed You

While You battled the world for me You almost are gone

My soul

Be with me always

Please do not leave me to join

The unreal march to nothing

You are my lover

My only friend

My soul


I Believe


The Eternal Question

The heart and sing and dance and hurt and rage,

All at once collide and make black holes of human soul,

Heavier than the weight of the whole earth,

Poured into a cup,

That takes the space of one hand,

And we fall,

And fall into dark matter,

We say this is the sweetness of life,

These vibrations that are a causality





I woke up and I was THERE! The lovely land of dreams! With joy I flexed long dead muscles and noticed SHE was with me. We waded into the shallows and soon into the deeper steam with it’s clear. lazy current and watched the red hilled and deep green velvet pass either side. Spicy white starflowers dotted each bank as I let the current take me past her just paddling aimlessly and then I noticed the rock walls of a narrow spot and jagged rocks pointing up from swirling white waters. I had noticed it before it noticed me and quickly same against the current back to where she was and it felt so GOOD to move freely!

“There are rapids ahead swim back!”

She nodded and we went back.

I wanted to see the whole lay of the stream and she waited in the sun with her hair like copper fire while a ring of trees stood sentinal all around, huge and tall from a high skied atmosphere and wearing gems of brilliant emerald in thier branches…..The shallows sparked white flecks of fire light bouncing from the shallow ripples in every direction and the smell of the air!!!!! I climbed and ran and jumped the hills up the steep banks making a tight trail through trees and overgrowth and careful not to break the limb of any plant and only tread on soil and they helped me…all the plants. Soon I saw the rapids far below and RAN THE RIDGES as if suddenly I had grown very tall and presently I came upon the fence of a white marble villa and before me was a patio with tables and recliners now empty. I kept going to see where the water came from and down below was a wide green pool ringed with emerald trees. Above it was an odd sort of white marble dam. They were drowning people alive in the water like sacrifices and one man’s mind grabbed mine and down I went with him as they forced him in the murky depths, naked except for one clothe around his waist that hung to his knees. He felt him hold his breath and saw the way the light looks from below as the sun shimmered pale through green debris…His heart was bent on escape. Not just his but all of those there….but they were DEAD!

I shuddered to think we had been sporting in the waters running from a living grave! That beauty could hide such evil! The man grabbed me somehow in spirit and with one last. mighty burst of strength I lended mine to his and all the spirits there broke free of the water and he and I rose out and him alive but his tormentors were long gone and, suddenly, also he was gone…the water was clean now…as I past the villa is was a ruin…nor fire haired girl waited in the sun for me…and so I jumped in the clean water and SWAM!

Until the sound of a computer booting up awoke me…