Crack Cocaine

If you’re in a bunker that thing is gonna crack
If you’re a spelunker you’re not safe from attack
If you drive a junker: pull over or you’ll crash
If you are a drunkard you’ll still get a glowing rash

You think you’ll go to Gambia or maybe go to Spain
You think that air New Zealand will escape earths flushing drain
You think you have it figured out well buddy think again
They’ll come a time you envy addicts for the crack cocaine!

There’s not enough money in life to save you in the end
No matter all the organs you buy you’ll still die my friend
Just look at all the people who tried for eternal youth
Even Lenin’s dead no matter what he looks like it’s the truth

If you are meant to live forever nothing can kill you
If you are meant to die you will be slipping on your shoe
So go ahead and try to live forever if you will
No matter what you do the end is going to come still

No matter what you do the end…it will.