Words Words Words

No sleep no
Sleep no sleep
How can you love me

I understand me not
No no no no so it goes
On on on the hours pass by

Alone alone alone fall fall
Almost like we fight while smiling
Or maybe you are water

Moving easily around the obstacles I throw
These humpty dumpty beats of my heart
Looking for a certain grin

From far away and long ago
Was it sounding wobbled flautists
Curling notes back from core notes peeled

Like boiled eggs never hatched
Go go go swaying away
Like the old fashioned ladies stalking flower pots

Beats beats beats this fist of flesh with every
Word word word swaying today
Gone gone gone staccato stately slide

In a gliding road winding forwards always
Here here here is where is was all erased
Whisper softly those words

They terrify me more than death
Love means you suffer
Until the words

Words words words of this day eight years ago
Were finally fulfilled

War’s ‘Rainment

War’s ‘Rainment

The two edged sword that lives between the slice of Yin and Yang…

Clashing, meets across the void to clang…

Can send out touch less death at will…

Can make you love or make you kill…

Those who wield these flaming swords…

The best of them use only words…

and actions’ thought to make bare Truth…

For, indestructible, is Youth…

It cannot see the edge that, bare,

Menaces the jugular there…

Nor see the kind of self restraint…

It takes to wear War’s ‘rainment…