But It Won’t Be Inside Your Mouth

Yesterday was love
It seemed there were lessons to be learned
We always seem to need those on a holiday
So I woke up from a dream I wished would be
But it was just a dream you see

And so I came to this conclusion:

Don’t believe in dreams
You’ll end up with both open eyes
Empty hands believe in only what is real
And lives inside you

Papa told once the truth
When I was just a youth
and I will repeat the same thing now for the you

Wish in one hand shit in the other one
See which one fills up faster
Do not place your hopes on movies stars or kings
When the movie ends you will be left with nothing
When the kingdom crashes down you will be all alone
With nothing in a pile of rubble staring
at your empty hands
Don’t put all your happiness
Upon another person
It is very likely one day they will be gone far away
And don’t imagine you are happy
Because you have a home
Because really
All it is is just a place for the sack of skin you live in
To reside

Abide in that skin and you’ll be home
No matter if the kingdom falls
No matter how the winds may blow
And if it all comes crashing down again
Just smile and walk off
Like the hero did
In the movie that you only just remember from a dream

Oh my friend don’t cry
Don’t let your soul belong to the world
World will betray you
Don’t let your mind get set upon a game
The game the game will slay you
Don’t let money be the only focus of life life or beauty
You will someday lose it all
You will lose it all and the angels will come to take you away

Nothing much will matter in the face of that day
The things you dreamed the most of then
Will have nothing to do
With the things you thought you loved outside of you
It will be the love you gave to
More than dreams
Love who you are
More than the dream and shooting stars
More than anything on earth love God

The rest is just the wind
Yes wind is beautiful
It makes the silent things sing out
But it won’t always be inside your mouth…

The Tree Of Knowledge

Far away
Heart travels without a shell
Unseen waves connect us all
Life’s threads spun and cut
News trumpeted
Hearts yearned
We stand upon their ground
Their bodies under our feet
Our bodies under their future
The unity of eternity
Star collides with star
Dust spins out with hopeful arms
Sweet pain begins
For all of Life is nothing
More than a payment of life
Each moment all things in one

We had to Know
We desired and desire taught us
Before we Knew
Time belonged to each mind
Stretched into infinity
Hand met hand
Heart met heart
Eye met eye
We looked away in shame

We Knew
It was over

I Still Fight Desire

This moment it does not matter


I would give

Sweet words that burn

Without substance

Difficult to stay away

At the end of those words

There is an empty room still

For one heart Barely noticing …

What is known as


Emotion fled leaving ice

Joy of play is gone

The world kills it so quickly

Not without gratitude

For all I have

I still fight desire


Oh Beloved One
Look upon these faces
These desperate hearts
Seeking to fill emptiness with nothing
Send them waterfalls of Love
Send them rain
Wash hurting eyes
Until rivers of joy flow
Until deserts of cruelty melt
Until sand begins to green
… Make each one see
The other as a creation
Of such amazing beauty
That there is no way to compare
Oh Beloved One
The best words I have
You give me
The sweetest tears
Belong to You
The most joyful smile
It is Yours
No matter then the tattered humanity
For I, too, am tattered
Each of us torn in different ways
We still have to keep walking
Until there is no road
Until words end
Until beautiful gates open
Into places we cannot imagine
Oh beloved One
Be with me in my aloneness
As I finally rest into dreams
You give me such lovely ones
May it be one day
The world is clean again