Rich Auntie

She was sitting in the commons like a fat white goddess. Her sitting stance window pane flat, hanging over the edges of the chair where the bottom meets the setting.
Long hair in frosted streams poorly concealing double faces bedecked with all the requisite jewels and brand names with THE PURSE.

If you saw her you might, mistakenly, think she did not belong here. Perhaps she is a visiting auntie. The rich auntie that comes and takes care of the family schizo.
“Hey HEY!” she motioned me over rather imperiously. So I zoomed over in my power chair which is provided by the state. She looked at me strangely. I was not certain what, exactly, she was looking for in me but it felt like she maybe wanted to filet me and cook me for dinner. Her smile was gentle and kind on the surface but something insane was lurking just beneath it.

“I just moved here. I hate it here. What’s your name?”

“Jan. What’s your name?”



“Yes my father is a doctor. I hate it here. Nobody likes me.”

She started to cry copiously. I was this same way when I was in grade school. An easy crier. I learned not to be over time.

“What’s wrong?”

Gasping and choking on the words she told me.

“I am fat I AM FAT I am too fat I went on Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers and I want a boyfriend and I hate my bathroom I can only use the one here in the commons and the other people here got tired of cooking and cleaning for me and I can’t smoke whenever I want I have to go out to my car and drive it across the street and…”

Ahhhhhh NOW I knew who she was!

She was the talk of our whole building! You must understand we are all sad, pitiful people with little in our lives so we are horrid gossips and terrible to each other, while smiling, most of the time. This was the ‘new’ woman who had every other resident living here that was able COOKING and CLEANING and FETCHING and RUNNING and, while she obviously had access to lots of money, failing to pay them with the requisite cigarettes she promised because it’s cheaper to give cash! If she had a different personality she could have easily had a boyfriend! The people who had helped her were angry at being treated like servants by someone who didn’t seem to understand she was doing this. They wanted a carton of cigarettes! NOT 20.00 dollars!

“If you need help you can get help that some of us here do. If your doctor says you qualify you can get a person who comes and helps you clean house and stuff and you can keep your money and buy more cigarettes!”

At this time the 70 year old lady who could twerk at the Christmas parties walked by and came and sat down and said to the choking, crying woman, “Look at Jan here! She can’t walk well and she is happy! She doesn’t need a man and she is fat too just like you! You can be happy! Kathy, upstairs, she is fat and she has a boyfriend! Look at me I am 70 years old and even I have a boyfriend! Just don’t set such high standards and you can…”
Princess was really crying now! Miss Twerk’s boof was a 30 year old hobosexual, he was homeless and he lived with the old woman so he could have a PLACE to live but princess didn’t know that part. Miss Twerk sighed and left the two of us alone again.

“My head is ringing! I want yoghurt so bad! I want yoghurt and a cookie! I want a cookie please please do you have a cookie?”

“SURE! I will be happy to help out!”

I zoomed back to my room and got a yoghurt and a cookie and a plastic spoon. I took them and zoomed back and smiled and gave them to her. She grabbed them and held them to her body like she was terrified someone would take them from her. She quit crying and, with trembling hands, she opened the cookie and, looking furtively in all directions like a small dog ready to attack, she bent her head down so low it almost hid the action of taking a shameful bite. I left her in respect to whatever was tormenting her but I wondered why it was she reminded me of a small dog? Who had done things to her that made her into this tiny princess trapped in a huge monster body?

I already knew my own story.

I Will

I seek the hands reaching
Eyes seeing only the dirt below

I grab your unsuspecting hand
A part of you will desire to run
A part of you will desire to run with me

A pulse jumps through your palm
Moving the hairs


Night aires playing
With stars in your head
Rewriting old words with trails of light
As beautiful and new
As they were five million years ago
When we tracked the trails of heaven
Through Sumerian skies

This short disgusting lovely thing
We call ‘life’
It is the epic of the Universe
Permeating every layer of existence

Come with me
Let these hands linked reach past the edge
Above and below
A force to my magma
Fires of the skies
Oceans full

Be my song
Be the smile life writes on my face
And I will write you as the hero
At the apex of the arches

The grass will be thick and soft
Hillsides will be gentle
You are all existence
I am the void

Together we are majestic
Together we are beauty

It’s time to go now
I will let go of you
Like I have let go of every teacher
Who was a student at the doors of my heart
You will slip into the void
From fantasy into concrete
Your feet will walk
Where things are hard

This is how it is
When we fly

To know
What shakes the abyss with madness
To bathe
In what fills all space with light
Living inside the surface
Of an iridescent bubble

I orbit your sun
You shine on my face
Nothing held back


Facebook Asks Me…

…What’s on my mind?

Sexual odes to Love,
Iridescent bubbles,
Slow dancing with angels,
Infatuated euphoria,
Music that makes me smile,
Writing love songs to my beloved
Sprung full grown from my brain
After giving me a headache

What’s on my mind…

Dark eyes filled with stars,
Leather and sheesha,
Galloping across the plains,
Mountains in the distance,
Hawks on our wrists,
Flung skywards
Full of prayers

What’s on my mind…

Deep blue evening,
Round pebbles making water speak,
Hung around your neck
Wear me,
And I will wear you,
Leaning on the tree to big to move,
Breathing in you
Breathing out you
In and out moving
Into darkening

What’s on my mind…

The room The screen The words The end.


Men Will Never Be Faithful


This may be a ‘blanket judgement’ but in many ways it’s true. Even if he never sleeps around on you he will likely be looking at other women. Now here is the kicker: you look too! Don’t tell me you don’t! Have you ever ‘noticed’ how hot some movie-star guy is? So you can’t be TOO uppity about how men are unfaithful BUT….

…yes it is true that men are more likely to cheat than women and when women DO cheat they are more likely to be cheating to get ‘even’. I know many MORE stories about women who died faithful to the man they married then I know stories about men who died faithful to the woman they married and these days most people are married more than one time.

It used to be, (and still is in some cultures), that the man was allowed to cheat and the women just had to stay with him because women could not own land, vote or have any power at all, (in America about a hundred and fifty years ago anyway), and so women had to put up with all the crap and men got to be free….

…or did they get to be free?

There was a time when a man was considered a real loser, by his own peers, if he could not feed, house, and clothe a wife and kids. OK things were not equal and that was not good but being a man carried a pretty high price tag: his life. Most of the time it came in the form of a much shorter life span as he was required to be a successful provider, and often sole support, of his family. (Today many women are now having strokes and heart attacks at the same rates as men as they have joined the ranks of men in equality…you pay for what you get…one way or another).

So what is it that you REALLY NEED from a man? You are not likely to get ‘faithful’ and ‘chaste’ so what would be best if you cannot get him to ‘keep his pants on’?


Men are often compared to dogs. There may be a valid reason for this. Dogs will hump anything…even a human leg BUT dogs are LOYAL. A dog will die for the one it loves. Dogs have been known to mourn their owners and sit at their gravesides for YEARS after that one has passed on. Dogs will give their lives to save people. Dogs are very loyal. (Ok they hump everything but they are LOYAL).

So, in love, you should never expect a man to be faithful. If you GET a faithful man be blessed and happy but don’t freak out and lose your mind if you end up with a dog. Just train your dog, with love and rewards, to be loyal. A well trained dog will do anything for you…ANYTHING…(except stop humping your friend’s leg).

If you have loyalty you are blessed too…it means that he will drop his whore in the middle of an orgasm and come to your side if you are in the hospital or in trouble. It means that all his money, time and effort will be directed, mostly, for you, (with the exception of family which are also a part of a dog’s loyalty). Most of the women he is unfaithful with are just a ‘hump’. He does not love them and he does not plan on keeping them very long. If he is REALLY loyal you can even train him to carry around rubbers to make sure he does not bring you a disease.