I lived so many lives
But none of them were real
They belong to someone else
Who I can barely feel
I made promises I broke
Trying to be free
Many promises were broken
That had been made to me
At the strangest breaking
Point typing this alone
All the years are taking
All the memories gone
Living in a record
That sputters while I write
The moment but a second
No morning and no night
In spite of all the evil
In suffering is grace
I could never thank The God
Enough prostrate on my face
For every bad that came
Was also something good
Everything I didn’t get was still
Exactly as it should
Have been no matter how
Difficult the journey
There were time of joy so huge
Despair fought with at tourney
For every time that life is born
Comes with struggle screaming
All the horrors of real life
Are healed while I am dreaming

I Will

I seek the hands reaching
Eyes seeing only the dirt below

I grab your unsuspecting hand
A part of you will desire to run
A part of you will desire to run with me

A pulse jumps through your palm
Moving the hairs


Night aires playing
With stars in your head
Rewriting old words with trails of light
As beautiful and new
As they were five million years ago
When we tracked the trails of heaven
Through Sumerian skies

This short disgusting lovely thing
We call ‘life’
It is the epic of the Universe
Permeating every layer of existence

Come with me
Let these hands linked reach past the edge
Above and below
A force to my magma
Fires of the skies
Oceans full

Be my song
Be the smile life writes on my face
And I will write you as the hero
At the apex of the arches

The grass will be thick and soft
Hillsides will be gentle
You are all existence
I am the void

Together we are majestic
Together we are beauty

It’s time to go now
I will let go of you
Like I have let go of every teacher
Who was a student at the doors of my heart
You will slip into the void
From fantasy into concrete
Your feet will walk
Where things are hard

This is how it is
When we fly

To know
What shakes the abyss with madness
To bathe
In what fills all space with light
Living inside the surface
Of an iridescent bubble

I orbit your sun
You shine on my face
Nothing held back


You Are Loved

Silent fog
Without sound
Morning light
Evening creeping
Clear cold black rising
Light pulsing
Why do I care
When I meet you
Through crystal prisms
You are loved
Warrior again walks the skies
Into the blanket of night
Holding myself
Composing unheard songs
Where care is never returned
Someday when time ends
Left in the dust
In my arms
Dreaming of Life
Giving love
Slowing bit by bit
Even in the sunlit day
Cymbals stuttered once now lost
Being lived somewhere
Flingers now clack keys
In the soulless universe
Who will recall my words
Left behind
There are always stars
The strings
Between these layers
Ringing no more
Don’t leave me here
Unheeded nor needed

Facebook Asks Me…

…What’s on my mind?

Sexual odes to Love,
Iridescent bubbles,
Slow dancing with angels,
Infatuated euphoria,
Music that makes me smile,
Writing love songs to my beloved
Sprung full grown from my brain
After giving me a headache

What’s on my mind…

Dark eyes filled with stars,
Leather and sheesha,
Galloping across the plains,
Mountains in the distance,
Hawks on our wrists,
Flung skywards
Full of prayers

What’s on my mind…

Deep blue evening,
Round pebbles making water speak,
Hung around your neck
Wear me,
And I will wear you,
Leaning on the tree to big to move,
Breathing in you
Breathing out you
In and out moving
Into darkening

What’s on my mind…

The room The screen The words The end.

Hell Is A Creature

Where is the next one
Who can get close to this fire
Without being burned?

They are so few

This mind was destined
For this shell

But they do not fit
They do not match
The ones that match


How many ways
Are there to leave?
My jihad is to choose


Someone told me once
Be a ghazi
They are leaving too

The rock stays
On the shore


Waves dance away
Sparkling in the sun
Fire made this rock
Fire is this soul

Where is the next one
Who can get close to this fire
Without being burned?


Ice has a voice
Water can sing
Skies in motion
Layered truths
Veil of blue
Bright white
Cool shadows cast
Fell away
Chains in coils
Under feet with wings
Walk upon rainbows

Earth has a voice
Stones chant
Mountains collide
Layered meaning
Veil of brown 
Deep green
Hot depths red come
Hard softness
Under feet with wings
Walk upon velvet

Fire has a voice
Air brings 
Supernova stream
Layered dust
Veil of darkness
Deep dark
Light redeems
Time apparent
Under feet with wings
Walk upon moments

Wind has a voice
Trees tell 
Soul of storms
Layered clouds
Veil of grey
Water falls 
Crying laughter
Under feet with wings
Walk electric paths

Bliss unconstrained
Channel nerve nets alive
Filled filled
Open smile
Eat the Light
Bathe in forever
Give my feet wings!!!!!!

God’s Love

God’s Love can sometimes be known
Talents given to Earth’s children
The physicians mind to heal
The carpenters hands to build
The farmers knowledge of the earth
… The mothers smile of love
At her child’s first step
The laughter in a fathers eyes
As he teaches the young ones something new
God’s love is everywhere
If you are lucky enough to see it
It is not always easy to see
Who is allowed to rule this world
Such a short time
Puts glitter and empty promises
Before minds and faces made hungry
By false dreams.
God’s love can be seen sometimes
When we do not expect it
In the words of someone we never imagined
Would be a friend
In the time spent on another human being
Lonely too in this big world
Sharing pain and laughter and friendship
In all that we have to love here
Trees and flowers
Animals and skies and planets
Galaxies and minds and hands
To type these words….
God’s Love can be seen sometimes
The greatest gift of all
The ability to know it when it comes….
May God love you all…always.