After the juice of life is gone
Some stain of it
Will colour the glass you drink from
That once held my spirit
Full of you
Like distant storms
Towering and cloaked in majesty
Wearing every word I wrote
Transformed into gems
Sewn into air
Falling like rain stutters on cement
Or slaps upon the sand
I will cup both hands
Until they fill with you
Sparkling dazzles into what I was
You will become real
Time will cease it’s rot
We will see the majesty
Braiding our being into epic love
Handfuls of your hair
Knotted at your neck
I will decorate you with all of me
Behind two closed eyes
This old tale told anew
The velvet and the bite
Lucent sweetness electric
Floods of thought angelic horns
Sonorous sound sliding
Over staccato rills melting
Into rain ice recedes
We heal one another trading
Love for pain that lesson you
Taught me in a dream
Becoming one together swaying
You became me
And I decided to live the time left
If you would hold me near you
Even while separated by dimensions
I feel your hands move through me
As if I were smoke healing
With such reverence
No never
Was I so precious to anyone
As I was to you
Who tried to appear
In a form like mine
Your love
That will wait softly
These human moments
Until I come


Velvet grass, still green, under my bare feet. The cold dew of night tickles and stars, gifts from The Great Creator, burning far away in deep, soft darkness. All around the roofs of trees silhouetted in soft white green glow from a high, bright window in the speckled sky. This smells cool. It smells like lemons. My hair moves across my back loose and free. This Night even the Wind smiles quietly with me, resting, while I bathe in star and moonlight. Hidden in the trees I know there is a small, brown bird. He sings to me,

“Sing to me brother sing!”

I whisper to Night. He sings in the rills of water running nearby. The heart beat of the Oaks gives rhythm to the song. The creek chuckles over round pebbles of sound.

“Wash my face Moonlight….”

I whisper to Night. Closing my eyes, I raise my arms with hands ready to catch the light from the heavens, it spills all over me, cool silver. Careful steps, small, arms embrace the unseen lover who will dance with me in the night, alone.

“Come Ousha and sing with the brown bird.”

I whisper to Night. The wind awakes and rises and kisses the sheet of skin I live within. Sharp and sweet drops of melodic madness fill the empty air and twine in spirals with the fingers of the wind, in my hair, and I am, with divine laughter, filled. This light cotton on my flesh is exquisite torture as the wind’s hands are the hands of my Lover Night. Moving light material over me until the pale white silk prickles all over every tiny hair in smooth dark air.

“I will sing with You. I will dance with You. You may have me I am Yours O Night. Make the breeze Your arms. Make the trees Your face. Make the hills of tall grass and flowers my bed. Make love to me O beautiful Night.”

Night moves with me through space. Night encircles me with stars and trees. Night hold me in this protected valley filled with joy. Swaying and dancing in one place my feet embraced by Earth until the energy from the heart of a planet thrusts upwards and pierces me. Night commands it all. Through loins and heart and head until it takes my light and adds His light to mine. I become the Earth. Taken by the sky the axis of power joins with mine and shoots skywards.

Enveloped in a sphere of raw energy on smokeless fire filled with desire…Night takes the hands of the wind and lifts me like a child and holds me in a sea of devotion unspeakable.

“Show me how to fly…”

I whisper to Night. He takes me over the trees and frees me to fly upon the chest of the Wind. Together we circle the World in real dreams. I am not bound by either shell or gravity. He takes me home again to my trees and my creek and my brown bird. There is no man who can make love like that.

Night leaves.

Exhausted I walk, slowly, to the stream. I step into the chuckling laughter and let it wash over me and call it water.

By MshannonM



Do you stay in my heart?
I tried to eliminate you
We are entangled 
I know you feel it….

By now you must know
How much 
I kept you from myself
From love’s intensity

I thought another 
Might have stolen 
Your place in my heart
By now but…


Each love occupies 
Singular spaces in my mind
No one can replace
The shared bonds


My mind is full of exquisite lights
Shining from distances
Once illuminating my heart
As before me 
Warm and sweet

Among those sparks
Some have been so radiant
Even the darkest corners
Of my soul understood


Throwing up walls
To protect you from myself
As one would build such
Around the gems and roses


Of icy purity 
In burned darkness
Like life that lives
Spiting the poison 
Of this world


You are here next to me
Moment to moment
Though you live a life
As far from me 
As heaven is far from hell


Of my love I send
My prayers for you 
That your dark eyes 
Fill every soul you meet
With the same


(By MshannonM)

Alembic Of Pain

The plains of Forever

Reach across my mental expanse

Past bone and flesh

Touching the tears of swords

Swimming like Alice

In a lonely hall

Fantasy creatures as friends

It feels like sweet ice

Dropping sharp from Eve

Inside there are such masterpieces

Uncut with Life

You think you have reached this soul

So very few

Made it through the dangers

To meet me


Looking for you

One I have never known

One whose face is still mysterious

Made from dreams 

How many times 

I have added a face to your faceless heart

How many times you answered me

Through the voice of another

Why are you only the inamarato of dreams

Unborn into now

Unsung by anyone but me

Notes of love sung by silence

Through me each finds another

Things endings that never were begun

Asking questions once more

Without human answers

Until nothing matters 

Joy in dreams 

Happiness in sleep

There you are each time

Wrapped around me as the cloak

I would pick delight from you like fruit

Rapture dripping from my tongue

In sleepy trances half aware

You are the alembic of my pain

Filled with my tears


Hold me into you

Assimilate me 

Until being one we are a devotion

Unseen by human eyes


Winging skyward

Mountain Man

Mountain Man

High blue
Where angels play
Green, brown treeline
Granite grey
Mountain man
Upon green velvet lay
Sleeping beauty
Hears wild drum
Quick strung high
Tight notes flung
Slight smile
Waits until I come
In that sun
To sit beside
High above
This valley wide
In the open field
We will hide
Among rocks older
Than human
Step softly you hear
Not pretend
I will sit next to you
On this land
Warm you will awake
And see my eyes
Known strangers
Share among trees
We arise
With your sudden kiss
For fingertips
To trace your chin
Up to your mouth
Where smiles begin
I want to touch
Those lips again
Trap you
While you silent sit
Chest to chest grey wool
The feel of it
My arms around you
All of me commit
Run my fingers through
Hair black as night
Feel your body
Under mine excite
Make you become wanton
Mountain sprite
Then sudden
You become the mountain man
You take me as you can
You will end
The smile I began


Tangled Tango

Tangled tango
Off beats……Life’s dance is rough
It has no mercy
Easy to dance it young and strong
Then pull Life close and drop
Too fast the spin
No way to stop
The brain keeps feeling
No matter how you ‘BE’
Inside Life laughes
… Love carves up hearts
Lambs at It’s alter begging
For It’s knife
Bleeding for the Tangle
Of the tango
You will want
Until you die
All the passion you have within
Everything you fight called ‘sin’
The tangled tango will begin

The Oldest Dance Of Time

Laying on the sand,

You are lovely,

Dark eyes closed to sun,

I step quietly,

I Move carefully,

No shadow will disturb you,

Watch you rest,

Your hands under your head,

Feast for my mind,

Summer cotton barely hides,

Cloth the sun barely baked dry,

Breezes lift light material,

Stiff from salt washing,

You must be dreaming,

Of whom do you dream?

How to wake the sleeping prince?

Washed up on the shore?

I see no ship sinking sailing,

In the waves soft roar,

Who are you?

From where you came?

Why are you asleep on my strand of sand?

Here I stand,

Watching as you breathe,

Wishing you beneath,

My eyes close too,

I can see the Grand Play,

Timing what to choose,

Heart skips beats for fantasy,

Shall I pin you under me?

The sun moved shadows,

While I waited here transfixed,

How long while the seagulls screamed?

While you dream,

I cannot wait,

I shall risk this,

Moment just to be with you,

Feet feel sand shift,

Carefully choosing silence,

Nature helps each step have stealth,

Until I stand above you,

My shadow cast behind,

Taller than the rocks above us,

Swift as the eagle drops

I bend my knees to sand,

My arms halo your head,

My hands pinion your hands,

Bodies meet the waves,

Tide is rolling in,

Your eyes open wide,

Let the oldest dance,

Of time begin.


Oh Beloved One
Look upon these faces
These desperate hearts
Seeking to fill emptiness with nothing
Send them waterfalls of Love
Send them rain
Wash hurting eyes
Until rivers of joy flow
Until deserts of cruelty melt
Until sand begins to green
… Make each one see
The other as a creation
Of such amazing beauty
That there is no way to compare
Oh Beloved One
The best words I have
You give me
The sweetest tears
Belong to You
The most joyful smile
It is Yours
No matter then the tattered humanity
For I, too, am tattered
Each of us torn in different ways
We still have to keep walking
Until there is no road
Until words end
Until beautiful gates open
Into places we cannot imagine
Oh beloved One
Be with me in my aloneness
As I finally rest into dreams
You give me such lovely ones
May it be one day
The world is clean again

Rocks, Flowers And Earthquakes

How can I write of you when I am full of you?

I grab you tightly with petals soft

Move them like a butterflies wings

Squirming on wet rock

The shallow springs the bubble over

Pinned helpless as you desire

Quakes stabbing into earth

Your whispers rumble deep and promise more

Grassy ground pillowing upwards

No struggling against extra depths

The scent of one crushed, opened flower

The chuckling waters surrround the rock

You push into my earth

Megalith raises me

Quakes jolt in the subduction zone

Wild eyed for mercy cry

But you are uncontrolled

Unless I can hold you with myself

Make dreams reality with the words

Of honey flowing from the sting you give

(Dedicated to a nameless dream angel)