Fractal Crackers

If I could love you
On nights like this
When everything
Is so lonely the music is
All that speaks to me all
The real men
Are somewhere else
You were born today
They say
So much happening
All at once

When I was cleaning
Strange numbers
From your gift
So like the one
From my papa
I saw his number
Still there

All these years
I called
Still busy

We are all still busy

Wet eyed I will spend
The rest of my life
Looking for you…

…for him…for

Someone like you both
Each in your own way

Profoundly everything

…like me.

The number
Has been busy for years.

Rage like the volcano.
Passion like a Roman Orgy.
Holiness like a Masjid

Or a Cathedral.

Love like The God.
Compassion like a mother.
Hatred like a 1000 devils.

That was us.
Is us.

There are
Some sobs with joy
So intense it eviscerates
A kind of pain that challenges

Breathe another day!

Hiding the face
Of stone the fist
In the skies of fire.

We did not hold back
We held back
We broke.
We lived.
Crushed we melted.

I know you are real still
I know we will be real still
All of us
The wanderers
The homeless gypsies
The outcasts

Time will shrink us
Flesh will fade
From our magnificence
We will cannibalize
Each the others souls
Until we are one
Once more