Facebook Asks Me…

…What’s on my mind?

Sexual odes to Love,
Iridescent bubbles,
Slow dancing with angels,
Infatuated euphoria,
Music that makes me smile,
Writing love songs to my beloved
Sprung full grown from my brain
After giving me a headache

What’s on my mind…

Dark eyes filled with stars,
Leather and sheesha,
Galloping across the plains,
Mountains in the distance,
Hawks on our wrists,
Flung skywards
Full of prayers

What’s on my mind…

Deep blue evening,
Round pebbles making water speak,
Hung around your neck
Wear me,
And I will wear you,
Leaning on the tree to big to move,
Breathing in you
Breathing out you
In and out moving
Into darkening

What’s on my mind…

The room The screen The words The end.

Surface Muslim

We think we know so much about another person because of long term association or hours and days and years of exchange and, in reality, we have only scratched the surface of who they are.

I use the word ‘surface’ for a reason.

Some one called me a ‘surface Muslim.’

My first thought was, “This one thinks they are God and therefore they know this?” Because of the situation I asked that question knowing it would only escalate a situation already spiraling out of control.

So let’s get to this word, ‘Surface.’

“He is gay therefore he is only a SURFACE CHRISTIAN.”
“She is a hooker and therefore only a SURFACE MUSLIM.”
“They are not REAL JEWS because REAL JEWS have to prove they are a part of the blood line. Wanting to be Jewish is not enough even if you memorize the Torah.”

People are not REAL Hindu’s because _______.
People are not REAL Buddhists because _______.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

What about PEOPLE…what about REAL PEOPLE.

Have you NEVER done ANYTHING wrong in your LIFE?
I am not supposed to even write this because, technically, I am not supposed to look at where other people are fucked up in their beliefs because I am not perfect enough to make that judgement. I am not God. I have my ideas of right and wrong and I live them to the best of my ability but if what my brother is doing is stupid, but not hurting anyone, I am not supposed to look at it.

I am not supposed to watch others collect beef and cheese cake photos and I am not supposed to notice if they dance with girls wearing bikinis. I am supposed to keep my eyes downcast so I don’t see my brothers and sisters sins. I am not supposed to even know why Veena Malik got famous because I am not to even look upon that or give it importance. I am not supposed to watch drug addicts shoot up or care who is drunk. I am not supposed to write this. I am not supposed to think about how bad someone else is.

For me this is the love in Islam.

There was a whore, who helped a starving dog, who went to heaven and a pious woman, who starved a cat to death, who went to hell. What someone does in the privacy of their own home should not be my business unless they invite me into that business and I agree to go there.

I believe in Allah. I believe in One Almighty Being that created all things and that does not mean my brother has to believe the same thing.

Surface. See that is JUST IT. We are not supposed to judge the SURFACE. We are not supposed to call other believers ‘infidels’ because of a SURFACE.

There was a crooked butcher in the market place with a bad temper who cheated people and yet he was successful and the Prophet (PBUH) wanted to know why and followed that man to see what he was about and found that man gave up his entire life to take care of two disabled parents. When I say his whole chance at life that means marriage and kids and EVERYTHING.

Surfaces. “She looks like a whore. Her head isn’t covered. He is acting gay. They are not believers why how could they possibly be believers?” These things the people say and they can’t SEE ANYTHING BUT SURFACES.

Only Allah can SEE SOULS.

Facebook Islam

??????????????????(Written by ME: an Ameriki Muslim!)

I saw a story today that was good, sweet and idealistic and I liked it in spite of the fact that it could not possibly apply to everyone; after all, it was an IDEAL. When I tried to make that point my comments were deleted. The fellow who posted it is a really nice guy and means well so I am not angry with him. He was making a point about how girls should act, (girls with loving families and friends and marraige prospects), and he could also say the same thing about boys as well….

….so here it is:


The story was about a girl refusing to continue communicating with a guy via a cell phone. In the story she is used as an example of proper Muslima behaviour. The graphics were of a girl, (not a woman), but the message was that women should not talk to men, even via long distance mechanisms like cell phones, and this also implies  computers and I-pads and such. Likewise, males should also not speak to females as the same rules should, in all fairness, apply to both…why the story had the guy acting like a dog and the girl like an angel I guess is rooted in culture.


This story is posted on Facebook where men and women can both comment and maybe if they use alot of holy words it is OK for men and women to comment in the same place, to each other, on the same story. But the story says they should not be communicating.


Here I need to make a point: if you are on Facebook and online and talking to a female and you are male and you believe in strict sharia then what are you doing here? In a perfect world you should have only family members in your list and even certain family members are off limits for you to speak with.


Ok what about things that you want to accomplish?

You want to preach the word?

Well here on Facebook you will be talking to women not in your family.

So you can reach them by deleting valid points?

Many people do not NEED Facebook they have family and friends with them 24/7. They have love and support and health and all their needs met even if they cannot see when life is good, (because we are ALL human, like that), when things are not exactly as we desire.

Maybe you are a musician or an artist and this forum lets you have expression. You will be talking with people all over the world. So guys cannot talk to females, (unless maybe they are not Muslim), and girls cannot talk to anyone even if they are amazing artists?

But what about people with few or no people in their lives? What about those that are more alone than you can imagine and the only thing lacking are the physical BARS made of steel because of physical ‘bars’ made of illness; no one to hold a sad hand or speak to a sad soul except here on this box? What rules should we be held to then and who makes those rules and how? What if you consider yourself as ‘travelling’ because you are the only Muslim you get to see, with rare and brief exceptions, because people live very very far away and many American Muslims are liberal anyway and have no problem talking to whomever they please. This includes people like me….the forgotten ones.

I will tell you this now…the angels in my life are not extremely ‘holy’ and not all of them are Muslim and most of them are sinners just like me…and no matter how good hearted the holy ones are they cannot understand what they have not lived….

….my life.

Thank you