Every Life is Epic

Life is a choice.

We don’t have to choose to stay but we do stay. We stay to honour what God made even if no one else honours us. We sing our own songs by ourselves if we must. We wake up every day and keep going even when there does not seem to be a reason to live one more minute. We do this because of Love. In spite of all the things people have said against us we keep on. No matter how alone things are…no matter how many words are written for no reason…nothing matters except the will that says, “Carry on.”

Then, from the floor of the abyss of Hell you look up and see the angels singing, you see the stars shining, and you know you are not alone! There may be no people near but there are spirits everywhere offering you their love and help. It no longer matters what the world will do. Life and death become immaterial. You get up off the floor and stand.

Suddenly God is everywhere! Suddenly the entire universe praises in chorus! All of the petty intrigues and directed wars on this earth are shown in their true light: A play. A play directed by puppets who think they have control of something and have control of nothing. A play written by those who think they know the ‘secret’ and they know so little they would seem like infants who split one atom before the God who made every atom and allowed them to split one.

All we are given to be did not come from our own creation. We were given these things to be, even the things we would call a mistake, we are both the good and the evil. We are the light and the dark, and though we choose we are still destined to live the words written on the fabric of the universe.

Live them then! Whatever they are you have been given to be. Be that!

Never think you know what it is someone else’s job to be. You can only live one destiny here and now. Walk forwards into the strongest winds. If you cannot walk then crawl. If you cannot crawl then roll but do not stop until your heart contracts one last time and that electric force in you is freed to soar into realities we cannot possibly comprehend, within ourselves, as we are here.

When I am so full of love there is no one to give it to I send it out into the nothingness of everything on the wings of song while I think of the beautiful faces and amazing minds that are linked to mine and I know I am never alone no matter how alone I am. Prayers and intent are sent, with every direction of every cell, to pour wealth, success and happiness, even on those I cannot stand because I know very well there are those who cannot stand me.

If it is the eve of the ‘end’ or the dawn of the beginning makes no difference to the circle we stand in.

I love you God. I love you with every tear and every laugh and every sin and every good deed and everything you made me to be. I love you God like I never loved any human being on this earth because when I am alone here and there is NOTHING but me and silence YOU are here!

My reason to be.
My greatest love.

(With a nod to Martin Luther King for an idea)

Looking For God

I love you

You know this well
Bright light
In a dark world
A father’s voice
Sings a lullaby
To the smile
Of a future


I think of you
One leaf falls
A white flower
Like a lover’s letter
Words drift
Gossamer silks
Catch Earth’s breath

Explodes slowly
Over the horizon
Thousands of miles away
Curled in your heart
All the words
Of love

Nothing cupped
In my two hands
Only prayers for you


Angels played
A joke upon my heart
With the beauty
Of your mind

No regrets
To roll in loveliness
Eternal memory
You did not know
It was me
Wearing any face
Pleasing you most

Perhaps believe
Only you alone
Yet in you are
All my loves
Distilled to a perfection


On the walls of my mind


Like a dream
Sparkling Sirius
Sword sweeping skies
Nights striding
Across the heavens
Years I watch
Looking for YOU


I Gave You Choice

From life
The days we ripped
Forth from Times womb
Born were and bloodied
Careless unknowing children
To every gift blind
Grey and shaking
Sit without legs
Blurry surprised open mouthed
Babes babbling
In wrinkled

In comprehension
For the skies rolled
Without notice
Until the days we looked up
We cried


Old ones now answered
By the Voice

“You had these gifts
I gave You choice.”