Don’t speak to me now
In throes of fevered fervor
Like twisted DNA
Bound in spirals
Still zipped closed
If loosed
The story they would tell
Could burn us to cinders
I lay the bricks hastily
Damning the emotions
Into oceans of fire
So they never touch you
Were you always here
Before Time was born
Was it written
We would meet like this
In a present impossible
Unless we failed to love
Breaking all with evil


Don’t speak to me now

Golden Jannat

Trees grow tall before me,

With joy and laughter they reach to heaven dancing,

Hoping I can see them….

…high above on a colder crag the Tree:

Rooting deep through rocks that nothing else can break…

Roots break mountains stern from the violence of love…

Smoke drifts through the trees and high

above where ordinary men can reach there is a fire

on the cliff’s edge burning…I am there…I am the fire…

Old tree…into your strength I have been leaning….

Your joy and laughter already reaching the skies….

To lean in your branches safe…roots giving life…

Your branches close around…sun flecks…

Golden Jannat Come!

You embrace as one who cannot be burned…

I am hungry for your fruit and reach up

You drop to me my soul…happiness is yours…

Rough bark is like silk against my hands…

O beloved one I would grow roots of fire

With you and twist as one. Be in me beloved.

I am you and we are as eagles on this sacred edge.

Nothing there is in the world more precious than you beloved…

who gave me the frangrace of…