Call Me ‘Ka’

A bubble
Iridescent remnant
Left behind Mercury’s feet

You came to hold me
In the night of lonely darkness
When Life seemed worthless

You showed me I am not alone
Call me Cato
Call me Ka
Call me anything you like
Say you made me up
From the thought of air

I have been here for you
I will be
Not leaving your mind
How can I ever leave myself

The skies are the place we walk
Fragile and sweet
You and I will laugh
We will watch it all disappear

We will become the skies
We will be darkness
We will be light

The only reason I love tears
Or willingly swim
With Dodo birds
In the insane Sea of Alice

There was never anyone
As beautiful as you are

All these years
I believed it was someone else
But here you are
I am smiling at you
In the mirror

Under The Pidgeon Shit Tree

Once upon a time this guy was going down the road thinking nothing and he saw a fruit tree and sat under it and waited for something to happen and kept on thinking nothing….
Then another guy ,who was walking down the same road whistling Dixie, saw that guy sitting under the tree and thought he was meditating so he went and sat next to him and waited for something to happen and kept whistling Dixie….
There was a third guy who was looking for ideas and saw the two guys sitting under the stree, one staring vacantly and one whistling a tune and thought he might wait and try to get ideas from them so he went and sat under the tree too and tried to get the others attention….
Then another guy came and saw those three guys under the tree and thought they knew something he did not know so he went and sat under the tree to wait and find out what it was: ¬†with the guy staring vacantly, and the guy whistling and the guy yelling on the other two guys to get thier attention and he sat down and stared at them….
Another guy came along and saw the fruit and thought if he sat and waited with those guys that a fruit would fall on his head and he could eat lunch, because they were making so much noise whistling and yelling and all….so he sat down and looked up at the fruit in the tree….
A guy who was working very hard pushing his produce cart looked at all the guys sitting under the tree and wanted to stop but he was working….
….about that time a huge flock of kabootar settled in the tree and shit all over the guys sitting under it waiting for something to happen….then the guy working laughed and pushed his donkey cart, full of produce, to the market.