Call Me ‘Ka’

A bubble
Iridescent remnant
Left behind Mercury’s feet

You came to hold me
In the night of lonely darkness
When Life seemed worthless

You showed me I am not alone
Call me Cato
Call me Ka
Call me anything you like
Say you made me up
From the thought of air

I have been here for you
I will be
Not leaving your mind
How can I ever leave myself

The skies are the place we walk
Fragile and sweet
You and I will laugh
We will watch it all disappear

We will become the skies
We will be darkness
We will be light

The only reason I love tears
Or willingly swim
With Dodo birds
In the insane Sea of Alice

There was never anyone
As beautiful as you are

All these years
I believed it was someone else
But here you are
I am smiling at you
In the mirror


The snow outside like a light dusting of suger on a concrete cookie

In the church parking lot across the street and the full moon shines in my door…

It is early morning here…

I have chatted with my cyber beings and let others know I love them.

As one chained to the wall in Plato’s famous ‘cave’ I give meaning to the shadows of this box

And wonder how many others KNOW they are chained here with me?

Silence has a name….


My lover my friend my constant companion who asks me if

I think the grave would be a noisier place?

The nasheed I play over and over to break the sound barrier and Kamoshi laughs

Listens and then asks me how much more powerful is He when the nasheed is done and I tell him…

“Allah rules you.”

And my mother calls from a world that I no longer understand or feel a part of

To tell me about how wonderful or terrible things are…

Kamoshi must bow to her.

Even He cannot make her Chup!

So this early morning when I should be sleeping

I must search and find out how

I ended up with such a companion of my heart?

Put out the lights now and close this toybox full of cyber beings

Lay down and dream of worlds past description filled with beauty and amazment…yet

Kamoshi wants me to listen to Him in this small bright space

Broad dark night surrounding on the edge of town.

Sleep…..sleep with silence and dream

Dream of red cliffs and bright blue birds and the tall one who loves me…who cannot speak.