Why Do You Come Here?

I am turning in for the night…..I miss some of you a lot but it’s all good…..Someone asked me “Why do you come here?”

Well a big part of it is art and writing. Part of it is learning things. Maybe one of the most important parts is sharing all that with people I love a great deal.

You see I don’t dance anymore…or play a musical instrument…I don’t date anyone in real life…I don’t party…no alcohol no drugs no sex no no no no…

No real life either and getting one the way I am is not that easy….(well it could be if I had no standards but I have standards.)

What you know of me here then is, in a very real sense, the me the ‘real’ world does not see…indeed the ‘real’ world does not see much of me at all and when I am in the real world I am very quiet most of the time these days.

So this IS my world:

This IS my ‘Final Fantasy’…it even has devils and goblins and people who think they can fly….crazy people…sane people….but the best ones of all are the magical people.

So I miss you Cinnamon and it looks like I will be missing Sky too…but it’s all good…There is always another soul waiting to warm a cold and tired mind at the fires of mine.

Within the Dream

Squeeze the wind from the tartan bags
Pluck the raindrops from the stringed harp
Blow away last year’s leaves with sharp exhales
Upon the flute play the bodhran boom
Vibrate the skies and fill the eyes
Until they make rivers
Fill the seas and dance on feet
World wandering wonder’s beheld
Never leaving the dream of dreams

Inside The Ugly Shell

In an ugly shell
Lives a lifetime
Sometimes glorious
Mostly Hell
A pantomime
Amazing and curious
In a convolution
Echoed in calcite
A mote floated alone
A revolution
Running on all night
No where to call ‘home’.
In an orbital
Through emptiness
Echoes what was love
Honour’s zealousness
In Mind’s ‘sacred grove’
In a dream
From a fearie-tale
There is still a little girl
Faces crumbling
Search the ‘holy grail’
Inside the ugly shell: a pearl

You Are Not Lost

Little girl I’m here
You were not left in the dark
Those days are over
Just couldn’t see for all the rain that fell
Can’t you see me I’m right here
I would take your hand
Prove it to you
If only I could reach you
To show you what I see
When the rain’s gone
… How happy you will be
No more need to compromise
No need to sleep all day
To wait for the night
Little girl I’m here
I assure you you’re not dead
Just because you are alone
I wish that you could see me
Today it doesn’t matter
What did not get done
You needed those dreams
Like you need this angel
You’re not lost Little girl
I can always find you
In the darkness in falling rain
In sunshine in the clouds again
In every season you are always there
In rolling seas and mountain tops
Where ever you fly there I am
If I could only hold your hand
…If I could only hold your hand