How to Live a Life With Two

You can’t save me
I can’t save you
I remember the day
You told me that
Our addictions did
Not belong to each other
It cannot go both ways
It can’t be all my fault
And none of yours
‘Cause with us 1 plus 1
Only equalled one
Half of you and half of me
Left half of us alone
You can say you gave 100
But I will claim the same
At the end of everything
We each cared more about
Me than you and if you say
It ain’t so you are lyin’ too
Yo ain’t it about time we
Owned up to fact that we
Were both too selfish and needy
To understand how to give
How to live a life with two


Remember my soul
This life is nothing
In the vast stretch of time
Do not be sad for what can never be
Remember…my soul
There is so much to love yet left
Even while eyes rain tears
Over unforgotten years
Life is too short
To cry so much my soul
… There will be some time
When all the love you ever wanted
Will be there
As the land is for the trees
As the seas are for the skies
As water is for Life
Remember…my soul
Wipe the salty streams away
Life is short
It will not be so long…….…..wait