Earth Goddess Moon Flower

I have been having conversations with a young lady that have led me to some ideas I have had all along. This parcel of words, from me, is to answer some questions she had for me.

Guys are people. They want what is on ‘the other side of the fence’ like everyone else does. Guys from the West are tired of women who are dominant and won’t obey and will actually pay thousands of dollars to import ‘submissive’ wives from the Phillipines or from Japan. If they are Muslim guys and they can afford it they VASTLY PREFER a girl from ‘over there’ (having had plenty of experience with girls from ‘over here’ and finding we are not that easy to deal with..we are FUN but you DON’T want to MARRY us…not forever anyway!)


This is my answer to that young lady.

I will begin it with a quote from one of my own works that was written to ‘my boys’.

“The average age of an American citizen is MUCH higher than the average age of a Pakistani citizen so if she says her name is ‘Earth Goddess Moon Flower’ and she has a sexy DP the chances of you meeting an agemate are pretty slim. She is either blessed with REALLY good genetics or, (more likely), she is 48 and has five children from five different ‘baby daddy’ and Hell will freeze over before you win that green card.”

This statement brings up some common issues. One of those is that Western women are allowed to dress in more revealing ways. As a matter of fact if you DON’T dress in revealing ways there is something WRONG with you, (like maybe you are FAT or DEFORMED and trying to HIDE something!) This makes the Facebook world a bit of a problem for men, who are visually oriented, and for women, who are looking for men who are not dogs. Now I know FOR A FACT that if Pakistani gals could dress like western gals the next ‘Miss Universe’ would be Pakistani! The ‘Miss World’ WAS Pakistani! I have met enough girls in real life, here, to be able to say that BUT, they cannot COMPETE in a world that is, increasingly, telling them to compete in movies and media and most importantly…

…what they see their fiances and husbands and ‘boofs’ doing on Facebook.

The second thing I want to tell this young lady is that all is not as it appears. I will explain this as an American women who has over 300 Pakistani guys in her list. That is not a ‘brag’ that is just the way it worked out. I want to tell this young lady that there ARE Pakistani girls who are ‘greedy’ too and that I have seen girls with as many as 4000 admirers. Ten times as many as me, BUT the guys in my list, (mostly), are not the kind that are only hunting green cards.

Let me introduce a few of my real friends here on Facebook who are guys.

I was friends with a group of awesome guys and I was blessed that they accepted me as if I was one of them as far as they could. I sometimes did editing jobs for them online. The were called ‘The Premium Pack.’ They were and ARE ‘premium’.

I say that because when one of the guys I was most close to got engaged HE QUIT TALKING TO ME. I missed him like crazy as a friend but he was NOT going to hurt the girl he was engaged to by chatting with me EVEN THOUGH I WAS JUST A GOOD FRIEND!

There ARE good guys.

As those guys got engaged, married, full-time jobs and real life they quit talking to me most of the time. I missed them like mad. I met them because I was, a few years ago, recruiting for PTI online. I met another group of guys. Fast FUUSATIANS and they were the most awesome guys I ever met. Some of them thought I was another guy at first and some didn’t but once more the same thing occured: EVEN THOUGH I HAD YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP WITH SOME OF THEM they stopped that as soon as they were engaged, married, working fulltime or into real life.

Sometimes I still hear from these guys if they need something real like an edit on an article or some question that had to do with the English language but they don’t chit-chat with me in messages they way they used to.

I miss them.

Now there ARE SOME DOGS! Don’t get me wrong not all guys are heroes! There are some dogs in every place in the world and there is NO WAY that there will ever be a ‘dog-free’ world. I have met some of those guys and blocked them. Guys who were married and ‘forgot’ to tell me. I have guy-friends who ARE married and their wives know about me and know who I am and what I do and I have even seen and talked to a few online and as long as they are OK with me there is no trouble but the liars? I have no time for liars.

I have some guy friends I have loved online and one I am currently engaged to online and whatever we did or had or have done is our own business as I have seen that they are exclusive with me and not killing the heart of some poor girl.

Sometimes I write naughty stories for myself because I am alone. I write my own husbands because I don’t want a husband. At almost 51 years old now and many health problems and moving into an assisted living center soon I do not, cannot and will not marry anyone. No one is wealthy enough to take care of me and I say that in all sincerity.

To this young lady I would like to say: I am not your enemy. I am not one of those Western women who dress in a bikini and try to ‘greedy up’ all the guys. Indeed two PAKISTANI girls have come along and ‘greedied up’ alot of mine. (laughs) I don’t mind because I am not strong enough to keep up with all that anyway.

If you see comments on my photos by guys you know I can tell you right now that no matter what they APPEAR to be they are not what you think. They are guys who are being nice and gallant creatures to someone THEY KNOW is a messed up old lady they happen to have some affection for and they DO NOT LOVE ME LIKE ‘THAT’.

Dear young lady. The only guys left in my list (mostly) are pretty decent guys. I keep a few imps around too because hey…I have to live too you know?

In the end all guys are NOT dogs. Quite a few of them are pretty awesome creatures. As a matter of fact I would say that any girl who got any of my best guys would be damn lucky. I pray for them all to have the best girls they can get because I love them all that much.

Love is not always about sex and romance. As a matter of fact REAL LOVE has NOTHING to do with sex and romance!

Peace and Blessings,