One Step at a Time

“A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step.” (Lao Tzu)

I was thinking about this today as I have looked back on my life. In late-middle age we all do this and some call it a crisis and some a revelation and maybe it is a little bit of both but I feel accomplished today.

I took a step.

OK it was not a big step but it was one I have been putting off that deals with the organization of personal environment. No matter how we organize that, from deliberate clutter to razor-straight military edges it amounts to the same thing and humans function best in the order they understand and comprehend.

My mother is a VERY orderly person in what appears to be disorder. If you ‘clean up’ her place she can’t find anything but if you leave what YOU see as ‘a mess’ ALONE she can find you tax records from ten years ago with astonishing speed and accuracy and knows exactly which ‘pile’ of ‘stuff’ it is located in!

We all have our ‘ways of being’ and some might call mine OCD but it suits me. Today I labeled the drawers that had each category of ‘stuff’ in them and put the ‘good stuff’ I didn’t want on the ‘giving table.’

Where I live is a ‘giving table’ and everyone knows that any ‘good stuff’ from a personal inventory goes there so that anyone who lacks that kind of stuff can have that stuff. It has taken me three months to get to the point I wanted to organize my stuff and the last two bits I have to organize are written stuff (hard copy) and old French lesson books, (Do I want to keep them?), and ‘sewing stuff’ (so the thread and bobbins and needles and what-not are all neatly compartmentalized.)

Slowly but surely, since I moved in, I have been getting everything but into it’s OCD order.

I feel accomplished…

…that is a “Good thing.” (Martha Stewart)