If Love makes me an ‘Unbeliever’

Convict me.

I would rather Love
With the love of the Almighty
Beating my heart to life

You who would say The God
Cannot accept the truth of Love
From hearts who love

How can you believe this
When that Almighty Creator
Created Love?

The Believers will cry out
“You cannot love Love more than God!”
But how can that be when God is Love?

Not just love
But God is everything
God is every breath you take
God is all your hopes and dreams
God is your beginning
God is your end
God is Love

If Love makes me an Unbeliever
Put It’s cuffs upon my hands

I will be convicted.


Thank you
For the years you were the brightest star
In this western sky

You fell with the Perseids

What a mighty trail of light
Went out on the way down

Opening eyes
On rain today

Let the skies do it for me
I killed the messenger for you
You had left already and won’t be back

Still you have so much of me in you
There will be days you think of me

I also helped to shape
Who you have become
Always a part of who you are

Never touching
Never kissing
Never planting words in mental dirt
To grow thoughts impossible to fulfill

You have become
Another constellation in my sky
The Perseids will always fall

The day the stars fell
From my eyes

When Real Life Happens…

…there is not as much time for writing or thinking things in depth. Yet sometimes something beautiful happens and you hear from a special person you wanted to talk to for a long long time.

Some people are soul mates.

Not from male/female passion or even lust but from something past the human ability to give a name to and trying to find a word is like trying to find a single charmed quark in the whole of the known universe. You don’t know why you love them so much you only know you do love them and if there were words big enough you would use them but all you want to do is just grab that person and hug them tight and never let go; not so the action can lead to sex but so you can try to become one person with that person, like a Vulcan mind-meld.

If you are blessed you get one in a life time but if you are really blessed you meet them more than once wearing more than one face. The faces are not ‘traditionally beautiful’ they have the beauty that surpasses that of mere mortals and transcends into the ‘awe-inspiring.’

I see a bird in flight on one face. A bird like a hawk with eyes like a galaxy in the dark and a smile whose signature is joy…on another face I see the eyes of a wise man who lived a 1000 years and the mien of earth, like mountains, with a mind that spans the world and all that is in it…on another face I see the naughty angel who fights an inner jihad much like my own and I see eyes like the part of the sky that has only the faintest stars in a sea of mysterious black on a canvas as fair as cream on feet that pose like a cat poised to strike. Inexplicably I love them almost as much as I love myself. They joined the pantheon of great souls in my life with the golden eyes that shine sun on me and with the deep, curly voice that is like a coiled snake that guards my heart…

…These are loves past human comprehension. Not the love of family only although some are ‘family’ and not the love of brother or sister although some have that role with me…

There is love in this world that thrills to a mere presence, a knowledge that someone is there with you even if it is only in spirit.

How can I be sad when I have been showered with this much beauty to behold in my life?

Wind He Is

Wind He Is

Wind blows strong here
Uses power-lines for vocal cords
Treetops sometimes
House windows cracked with ill-fitting Time
Wind sings 
Wind says ‘come out and play!’
Another Oklahoma day
So I went
The sun was there
Dark puffs scooting boot through sky
One cat’s spirit
And I

The nest borne baby owl flew
Toppled to the ground by Him
Brother of the omens: Wind
Crying on the ground

She pounced
Soft paws questioning the life
Sharp claws set to quickly knife
A look of mercy: Her ‘mien’

Open beak cries 
Heaven blue without ears
Only God hears
Before sharp teeth in reverent awe
Grab the hapless head with jaw
One sharp shake

Feathers left on concrete
Not one drop of blood
Part of a claw and beak
He sees it all
Fingers unseen lift feathers grey
Into the light

They blow away.

(M.shannonM. 27/5/13 All rights reserved)