Kifing Souls

Swaying along in stride on packed trail
Sands moving with the heartbeat of Life
Stars so bright skies so high moon
Shadows cast trails slithering slowly past
Speech stops to keep words
Safe inside
So they are not dust on a swollen tounge…come closer
Swift Wind toss this heart’s
Sword away from me Moon
Shadows move silently past in white robes
… Stalking destinations unknownTraders of thoughts and caravans of dreams
Under old stars with old names
Carrying fantasy from one being to another
Kifing souls


I sat at the corner table
Long dress
Plain Coke
Sober as a judge
Just as alone
… Watching life’s ‘court’
From the high-seat
Things are not much fun
Yeah I played a few times
The end was always empty
Sitting at that corner table
They all lined up
She sat on her throne and smiled
In the glitter and smoke
In the rainbow lights
Bouncing from mirrors
Each knelt at her feet and begged
My fellows
The ones who let me in
‘Cause I could never be the hunted
Only the hunter
Alien to this world
I watched the court
I take no judgement these days
It is like I am dead somehow
Watching the line at her feet
To be the next one to have the princess
To rescue from the Tower of Love
Made by the one before
With a plain coke in one hand
In a long old dowdy dress
Knowing my fellows would share
With me what she never saw
And knowing equally I would never share
The throne of beauty
So I picked up the sword I threw away
I left the Court for another to judge
The air outside is brisk and cold
Winter is here