Almighty One

All that there ever was
Was You Almighty God
All that will ever be
Will be you Almighty God
You are the only One
Who loves me anyway

Forgive me
For you made me thus
Passion for many
Undirected unknown
Every love poem I write
Is to You
Revealed in each soul I love

Sweetest pain it is
To love so much
With only You and I here
But I know Your love
For me is past my understanding
So I hope my tears are Your diamonds
Though made only of glass

If You are all I have left
Let me love You in every face
Let me see You every place
Let me laugh with you
With every friend
Direct that Love towards me
I need You
You Love me

Heart throat aches
Tears dropping
If You will only see favour
In the least of these
In Your Keeping I am
Smile at my mistakes
You knew I would make them

If I could only love You
As much as I need You
Almighty God they think I do not pray
They think I do not know
They think I am not aware of You
You know

Imagine (thank you John Lennon)

Never confuse a population with it’s rulers. Rulers often do things the population does not agree with. Just because the heads of nations do things people do not like does not mean the THE PEOPLE of those nations agree with them. If we believe all that we are told to believe we will be hating people from India, people from America, people from Saudia, people from Great Britain, people from Iran, people from Palestine and people from Pakistan. This is convenient for rulers: for us to hate each other. If we did not hate each other how would they be able to make people fight and kill each other?

There are people in the world who do not belong to any nation or people or religion and they come in two forms:

The first form is the good-hearted peace-niks who abhor war and hatred, in all their manifestations, and see the idea of one unified Humanity in the light of world peace and equality for all.

The second form are those who would USE this idea, of no rulers and no boundaries, to destroy those who believe in that idea and rule over the very people who would agree with them now and blame the ills of Humankind on the idea that religions and Nations exist.


This is why you can have Al Qaeda supported in one nation and destroyed in another at the same time. This is why nothing seems to make sense in the latest transmogrification of modern war-fare. What APPEARS to be nation against nation is nothing more than people, who have no REAL national affiliation, doing the job they were sent to do so that the Earth can be ruled by the few…and then the One…

‘They’ are like ‘Anonymous.’

They are not public. The leaders you see that you think you get to choose from are their servants. They have no national or religious affiliation and, therefore, can move with impunity in ways that makes no sense so anyone who does believe in diversity and cultural identity. They are Chameleons. All they do is not in anyone’s interest but their own and in this they prove they are, also, human but I think they are also only puppets for another inhuman force.

Those who think this does not exist have a right to think so but I believe this DOES exist. The name you give it does not matter it is the same thing.

(Music by John Lennon. One of the first types.)

Gemstones In My Crown

The riches that I made

Are nothing about material in this life

There are some people
You never can stop loving
No matter how much you try
They are like a one way light-switch
They are light all the time
Not always easy to explain why
Sort of like a meeting of minds
Where all the hidden sweetness finds
More of it’s kind
I can’t stop loving
I tried my best
It’s not my nature to be heartless
I failed that test
But this is how it is supposed to be
Or it would never be this way
I would never feel sad
Because of you another day
But the sadness is beautiful too
Yes worth it all are you
All of you who sent the lights
In cold dark nights
Who made the lonely world
Worth living for
It was written you for me
Even for a year or maybe only three
Even though you might be gone forever
That is only here upon the dirt
Gone you are never
You beat behind this shirt of flesh I wear
Everywhere like springtime flowers
Summer showers and the winds
That sweep down prairie plains
Once I was sad I had to carry all the memory
But now I see the beauty of the gemstones
In the crown of my heart

Kick Up The Green

Spring is starting to
Kick up the green
Red blood inside
Art we are
Want to
Make you
Guess what
I want to make you
Head into the sky
Jump on the unseen
I can
Go go go
Every word floods
I am the crafter
You are clay
Let me make you
Oh oh oh
Let me make you
Kick up the green

Sine Wave Shimmy

Don’t ask
Bang bang
No not
Little little
That rhythm
Big moon
Spring sprung undone
Pari ji
Chand moon
Sun frown down
Smile hustle
It won’t matter
Shimmy sine wave
Don’t ask


Move it on down th’ river
If you’re not gonna dock
If you’re not gonna rock
In the cradle with me
Move it on down…

I don’t have time
T’ waste thinkin’ of you
If you’re gonna pass by
Maybe I’m there

Maybe I’m busy with love
Maybe a new boat tied fast
Maybe fishin’ alone
Smilin’ like I ate the sun

Movin’ on down the river
Maybe swimmin’
You think you want me
I won’t feed your niaat need
I am takin’ care of business

Move that moooooo minnnnn’ t’
To a beat you can serve
I deserve real
No bad stuff here
I wish you well dear

Move it on down th’ river
If you’re not gonna dock
If you’re not gonna rock
In the cradle with me
Move it on down…

Mood Glides

Mood glides
Tonight I’m doin’ it myself
You don’t need anyone


It’s there
Like inside back beat heart
Mood glides
Slides the brass ring
Grab it


You don’t need anyone
You close those
Soul doors
Kick back and dance
Like inside back beat heart
Mood glides


Turn the red light on
No reason
Tonight I’m doin’ it myself
Bass out
Soul doors


Mood glides
Turn the red light on
You don’t need anyone



Miles eaten in one mind

Mental tornadoes


Clearing the horizon

Easily to see

Imagining you


After storms leave

Finally free

No obligations

You were

Never a man

Of obligations

We shared

Whirlwinds a while

Learning each other

Well enough

To know


Were never possible


You make me smile

In spite of you

Dear God

Dear God,

It is lonely here. I don’t mean to complain but surely You know what life is like in my corner of the universe. You know everything why do I need to tell you…

…but right now You are the only one I can talk to. Let people say whatever they want about Your name the plain truth is that no one knows what it is and I speak English so, for this moment, I know You will know what I mean when I say ‘God’.

I wish I could talk to You like…like I was not a fish in a bowl. As it stands that is my only recourse.

So anyway here goes:

Dear Almighty God,

Let’s start with the whole world. It is being run into the ground by War-Lords and I know you already know this but I just have to say it. Forget sides. Just look at us. We have let everything go to hell-on-earth. The Earth that was supposed to be our paradise You gave us and we have surely mucked it up. So lets start with forgiveness. Forgive us for mucking up this beautiful gift you gave us. Forgive us for looking the other way when people kill each other. Forgive us for getting involved where we are not wanted or needed. Forgive up for our greeds and our lack of gratitude for our needs. Forgive us Almighty God for dumping tons of trash while looking for an ‘easier’ life. Forgive us for thinking that war is peace. We live every day under the ‘electronic eye’ and yet we forget there is another, greater ‘eye’ that sees us all. Forgive us for ignoring our parents in favour of our houses. Forgive us for killing our children before they are born and then complaining that people who don’t kill their children are taking over the world. Forgive us for being such dis-compassionate jerks to each other.

Forgive me for wanting so much.

You know how much I have wanted and every dream and fantasy I had and You saw them all come to nothing. You know that, in spite of all that, I CHOOSE to believe in You even when I don’t understand why…because I have to believe there is some being greater than us to look up to, to aspire to be like and follow. You know how much I privately hate the way people have become so sectarian. Each one believing only their way is the right way and You are the only way and yet, if we are not too proud, we can know how much we DON’T know about what we THINK we KNOW. All we can do is try to be the best we can…

…forgive me when I fall because of loneliness and screaming silences.

God Almighty please make the world a place where children are not the targets of genocide. Make this a world where the rulers, however much they are admired, step back from their positions of pride and wealth and SEE the ‘real lies’ with ‘real eyes’. Because people will always seek to rule, Almighty God please make those who would rule wise and merciful.

Forgive the Nations.

Forgive each nation among us and all it’s inhabitants for chasing the false glitter of the world instead of the peace of their souls. Forgive us all who believe a brand name is better than plain water. Forgive all of us who seek and have more than we need to show the world how great we are. Forgive all of us who were knocked down in life and were too depressed to get back up again, not trusting in You.

Among communities forgive us for our attitudes of ‘Us and Them’. Almighty God Show everyone it is WE the people not ME the people and let peace come to all those who want and eye for an eye. Let those who have lost the most gain back the most. Please Almighty God make the last ones come first.

As for me…

You know my heart and my dreams. A clean safe place to live. Good healthcare. People who love me. And even a few perks too that I can try to use to make myself feel ‘pretty’. And for the greedy part I would like all my teeth fixed and a 64 bit Apple laptop with all the programs I can use for art and enough ink for my printer and for my mom to feel secure that if she dies I won’t be without help…

Please don’t laugh at me Almighty God for the last part. I am human after all.




The Barbed Wire Fence




Barbed Wire Fence

I took the powerchair to the little park on the edge of the town where I live which is surrounded by rich farmlands. Everything is turning GREEN! The buds on the trees are like Haiku poetry and I fancy TaKaKo is walking alongside the chair. She seems to be with me these days. As the concrete path through the park came to it’s farthest end where the park bordered miles and miles of farmland as far as the eye could see up above me the the wind sang it sighing song through the powerlines above and she smiled at me…West is where the farmlands begin and the sun is almost about to set upon them. I could not help myself I began to sing to them once more and once more they came…and blew the comb from my hair and sent it streaming outwards behind me.

Time was when I would put a stick in that wire and twist two lines together to make an opening in the middle to ‘skinny’ through and I know she would be by my side. I watched the rolling prairie as it begins to send up life through the layer of dead, protective grasses and green shows through old straw. So is my soul content to watch the miles now that once my feet would have eaten with ease. A tree was there…almost dead except for the hint of green in it’s twisted limbs. In the high, deep blue sky in the still day light slowly rising higher is the half moon. The sun and moon together in the same sky. A vista of life happening once more to the backdrop of images on my mind and the lovely light soul by my side. Perhaps it is only my imagination but I would rather it than nothing.The fence is old, like me, and rusting. one day perhaps it will blow away in the wind and I too will vanish. And when I wake I will be standing by a new fence in rolling countryside filled with green, young and strong, and twist the wire once more…

….and sneak into Paradise.



As if you are fixed in space
I am spinning away from you
Yet connected always by that thread
You are free in another world
Spinning away from me
I always knew
Like all the best
One more step
Farther away beautiful smile
No need to hang on here
Any time be free
All of you 
Here in this corner once again
Dreaming of Life
If I could give everything and heal it all
Melt into all things eternal
Leave this morass behind
Those I played with as children
Forever gone
No longer a part of mine
Kind strangers I used to know
Hanging onto cobwebs of memories
Silk stronger than space
You cannot escape forever
But you may be free now
No more trying to be
No more 

Who Reads The Words

Who reads the words
I care not
Who thinks they are for them
Maybe right
Maybe not?
If you could be inside me
You would be drenched in cold water
Running from you into drops of sunlight


Trip-toe dancing in sunlight
Shimmies slow in winds
Walking in smiles miles

Somewhere else
I will reach out take your hand
See your real face before me
Looking down laughing
The way a soft child’s cheek feels wool
Or river smooth stones 
Hands cupped to catch the light
Give you fields of living flowers 
Thinking of you
Rare air is worth closed eyes

How can I forget you?
How can I forget the way
Your unwritten smile felt
Your promise to stalk me?
How can I forget time
Outside of time?
Rare earth am I

You told me I was beautiful
You meant it

Old music inside
Back heart beat
Off-key sweet sharing
Background together
A deserted space
Filled with two for time

Do you think of me
As many days 
I think of you?

It is always one sided
Love spills on stones
For a moment
Even stones 
Try to remain
You stay in every prayer
Like all love given away
Free for worthy

You were as close 
As back heart beat
Still there unseen
A smile on forever
Cinnamon sweet
Days when hope 
Had a different name

I would put on your skin
Share the world with you
Who reads the words
I care not

Spanish Silver

Silver sparks
Sound cradles me
Loves me 
My nameless lover
Formless hands 
Play me 
Music kisses mind merges
Flip fire with me
Old dance
Deliberate dissonance
Hungry heart flips fire
Stammering heels slam
Sound down strings
Within whirling
Slapping the tambours
Chinking choose
Again you
Teasing rhythms
Tango tease 
Release real ease
We do not want
We desire Life
The ‘pursuit of Happiness’
Fall into time 
With me explode into forever

Miss That Kid

I met this kid from India.

Heck I still don’t know who he is, for sure, but he was a kid. ‘Brilliant kid…Guru told me he was trouble. ‘Guru asked me why I kept on being close friends with that kid when he was going to hurt me….and couldn’t I see it? BUT NOOOOOOO!!!!! I couldn’t listen to Guru! How could that kid be so evil? Maaaannn he and I were buddies of the highest order! We spent hours and days and months and YEARS helping each other through lonely times…he told me about his mom and I told him about my dad and, in the net, age didn’t matter and if I was in my early 40’s then and he was 14 it didn’t matter because what we had had NOTHING to do with romance or that kind of shit and everything to do with mutual lonliness. We both came from screwed lives. We were both social out-casts….we understood each other on a level I only experienced, online, with maybe 3 people….really deep…(at least on my side it was…)

He met the Guru because I was, back then, a part of the guru’s entourage, (it used to be alot larger online than it is now), and I thought he was so smart that he could understand the guru but the guru and he just didn’t hit it off…but the guru did tell me that kid would hurt me….

But I never listened….

One day he started making friends with his real family (who he hated and had been estranged from previously…he only loved his mother THAT MUCH which was cool because everyone should love their mother THAT much!) When he started making friends with his family he got scared they would find out he was friends with me…then he started with the insults that he said he meant for my own good and started doing the very same thing to me that he once defended me from with Spankit and the Death Witch…(who will get their own chapter.)

In short, he became like the people he once hated so much, in private, to me.

Then he blamed his poor attitude towards me ON ME. The guru was right…I meant less than nothing to him and he did hurt me…I should have listened…

All the years I wasted on that friendship…but I did learn that people love you much better and nod and smile if you are heartless….and that many on this earth blame them victim for EVERYTHING because they believe they have it all coming to them from a past life….
You know what is the MOST funny thing?
EVERY religion seems to want to beat people over the head with dogma to WIN people….it doesn’t work that way….
OK yeah I met some crummy Muslim people but I mostly met AWESOME ones…which is why I am an AMERICAN Muslim….The only other groups that never beat me to death with dogma were the Wiccans and the Shinto’s (I don’t know alot about Buddhists).
If you want me, (or anyone), to be a new ager or a Hindu or a Christian (____fill in blank) you do it with SWEETNESS not with , “You are screwed up and it doesn’t matter how nice you were in this life because you killed babies in the last life so SUFFERRRRR!!! Imma go get a COKE and chill!”,

Here’s your chapter kid…and as poisonous as everyone told me you were.


I still miss you.

I Decided Not To Write

…and then I thought, “Why are you letting what other people do influence you? You are foolish not to write among those who write just because they are also writing. When you were not friends with people who were writers, online, you used to post until people were sick of it!”


Being friends with alot of other people who use facebook to post writing is weird. We are all ‘brain-wired’ in similar ways. We all need the same things, write about the same things, and get interested in the same things. It’s simpler when you are not reading someone else’s work because you have no idea of these things. Reading people from ‘a long time ago’ is not the same. They WERE great people and thier WORK is still great…but it is strange to read the work of someone with whom you can chat.


Writers can be a wry and sly bunch. Words can prove things either way. Someone may write something you think is totally egotistical and you may write, (a seemingly totally unrelated status), that proves them wrong. (Of course they will see it they are in your list and they are also writers!) Then people stop talking to each other because they know, (since they are BOTH absolutely RIGHT and have PILES and PILES of proof and evidence), they are the only REAL voice.


Those who claim they never do this are probably not writers. *Big Smile *


The other day I did not post something because someone already wrote it. My work was not in any way plagarized because it was not posted. (Seriously, people actually DO come up with the same idea independantly of each other). It just was that we were both thinking the same thing at the same time. OK, yes, the words were slightly different and it was ying to yang but FEAR of being seen as ‘one of the wry and sly ones’ kept me from posting it…which means I  am not a real writer! *Horrified face! *


Shirley people would not think I was responding without responding! *Oh the horror of ‘shirley people!’ *


So what to do? As I am hardly even close to a ‘social butterfly’ I am often amazingly ‘gauche’ in my exchanges with other folkes…(yes I spell I that way on porpoise)…If you don’t believe that just read my page and see for yourself…*Thinks ‘gauche’ should be pronounced ‘gotcha’. * I have this annoying tendancy to be really direct with people I think are being annoyingly direct which usually causes wars.