In The Midst Of Pain

In the midst of pain
I can still find joy
Snow on me then
Nothing matters this moment
All the faces of love
Become one face
A sweet and smiling face
I never recognize
Yet I know somehow
Will be with me
… In the midst of pain
I can still find joy
God still blesses me
Even when I am not perfect
I can smile when I want to scream
I can live when I wish to die
I can write another word
Because God loves me
And is in every face of Love
In the midst of pain
I can still find joy….

Broken Glass

Many many years ago
In the hot summer sun
Under those huge trees
No trees but those Cottonwoods
Grew so tall down by the lake
Where all the people went
To picnic in tall shade
I walked away from the group
Watching everyone pass the grass
You came
… We were so very very young
To be playing such old games
And so very old to still be living
In a kind of eternal childhood
No words were said
I was picking up bits of broken glass
Blue green and gold
Pretty and sending bits of sun
Flashing all over your face
As your dark eyes and blond hair
Glowed in the hot sun
We were so stoned
Speechless you smiled
You started to pick up bits of glass
Blue green and gold
Until both of our 18 year old hands
Were full of bright colourful bits
Broken beer bottles
Smashed by partiers before us
We crouched down in the red dirt
Under the tall green trees
Just starting to rain white fluff
In that late Summer
I put one bit of glass in the dirt
You smiled at me
You put another next to it
Soon we had a beautiful mosaic
Shining in the bright high sun
High like we were then
A mosaic made from trash
Like our lives of trash
We were innocent that one day
We made beauty from nothing
But broken glass
I will always remember that you
Old Old friend
I still love you

When It’s Done




Dreams that never-never will come true from the minds of me and you, there is nothing left but smoke,


Schemes that you wove like Magic clothes, that left my heart cold, exposed, until something inside broke,


Love is an empty cup of tears, hunted down throughout the years, like a unicorn that no one ever sees,


And the storybooks all end with the princess gets her man and the singers sing within the groves of trees,


I would try to still believe but your memory makes me grieve I can see you every time you leave me Love,


You are like the surgeons knife, you spill out my very Life until the ground is full of all the tears and blood,


From these now empty veins trace, what you wrote upon my face, in salt stains that are dry and red,


Like the sun, sinking down upon the land, you once held my memory’s hand and you led me as a child,


Free, to was you and it was me, and the song we sang together was a brilliant symphony now it’s Over,


Please how can I forget, that sweet smile when we met like a simitar it carves it’s name upon my head


I run, but my feet cannot outrace, your amazing special grace, and someday I wish to be with you wild-one


If the after-life is kind, we will soul to soul meet and find that we have eternity to spend together when it’s done.

Red Dirt

This Martian Landscape

My home

Red dirt and green life

Memory from another time

Story from a different book

Crumbled pages

Fast wind blows now

Joy was chasing the edge of rain storms

Called where cold was dissapated In a motion of ecstasy


Everything was alive with breath perfect quality of moment

The border of living and… dream

Belief suspended standing there

The mountain I dreamed

Never to see this pass

Too high to cross unless to other worlds

Beyond the reach of one hand

One heart seeks alone The child

Laughing while she climbs