Dripping Green

To fight sleep or not?
Maybe I should give in…
Close these eyes for night…

…and dream the dreams.

Early in the morning,
Running in rain-forests,
Dew still kissing fog rising,
Green dripping water falls,
You smiled at me,
You grabbed my arm and leap’t,
Free fall into the deep green,
More than a mile in,

Fearing nothing,
Canopies of soft green,
Water falls,
Slowed by sweet green,

Almost we flew.

Enough To See The Angels

He knew
When all that was left was place

He knew


He told two of us about it
Not long before it came
But even before then

Four locks
Three locks

Gun under the pillow
Near the chair

Central scrutinizer

None came or left but that

He knew
Climb in the window at midnight
Look down the shined barrel

He knew

When that was all that was left to do
He stood guard for free

He always was a guardian
Guardians are often fierce
Warriors often live
By unknown


He knew
Deciding rather than to wait
He would choose the time
He found that only he
Could see the banner
Flying in the yard
With his name upon it

But in spite of that
In spite of all

He stayed

Long enough
To see the Angels


He knew

Is Anyone At Home

Two hundred numbers in my phone
Is anyone at home
To make a new connection
There are days I think I’ll call them all
Shock a stranger to a call
To avoid the introspection

Yes I’m looking for a new friend now
Like the one from childhood
No one since then was like her
Do those come only once a life how
Rare it is for one life’s runner
To find love that close and good

I am not crying it’s just allergies
I eat pink pills all day to kill
The constant sneezing nose
Now that the rain is gone the flowers
They will make me wish for stone
Alone that is the way it goes

How I wish that I could sing it all
But I can only hear it in
My head so I live within again
If I can just wait one more day ’til Fall
I still forget about it all
Until it once more starts to rain

Where Are You?

On what earth do you walk now?
At what sky do you gaze?
What stars decorate your nights?
How do you number days?

From where comes your storms?
The plains that sculpt your face?
What skin do you wear?
What dreams do you chase?

How lonely are your nights?
What roads can you see?
Are you the one I’ve searched for?
Do you dream of me?

I am looking for you,
Whoever you may be,
I’ll ask the winds to message you;
‘You already claimed me’