What Price?

What price is there
For living life the way you chose
How much did it cost
To get to the bench you sit on now
Watching flowers grow?

How many upside down
Glass cups of hash smoke
Broke how many cherries bled
In vans of orgies
We chose to attend
With peanut butter at the end?

How many plastic baggies fill
The land-fill
That were once filled
With Colombian Gold
Spanish missionaries never found
How much
Was every breath of nicotine
And every thing we dropped
In mystery
Not knowing what the end would be
Until it fooled us
We were free.

Yes we
Forgot who died
Who went into the wild
Sans the wisdom to know not
To eat the root
Yet wrote the book
After a life was gone
Here we are
We have to carry on
And on and on and on
Until we reach whatever we head to.

What is it that we seek
We never ask it
Until we’re weak and then it comes
In shocked surprise and dangles
Just before our eyes… yes:
A universal joke
That started with a daring toke
Ending when the hash-smoke broke
And left us standing here alone.

I would have married you the day
I ran my childish hands
Through still brown curls
But our world
Says that such a union is doomed for Hell
And so we knew it and we ever only blew it
In our minds because I’m certain
I was not the only one who felt that way
I did I knew too much
Though just a kid
I wished you would take me home with you
But you belonged to the world
For all you were a rebel man
And now the world passed us
In a thundering roar.
It’s too late to know the score and
There’s no chance for any more.

The short short days with halter tops
Were short short days until the youth stops
And the pride of place is lost
In the dub step shuffle of decades
While you hold the memories of years
Jewels falling out of trembling hands
Into the abyss of forever
All the places that you dreamed of are still
Nothing more than foreign lands
Full of the same war we fought
Over and over before just with different names
But it’s all the same King of the Games.

So here I am
Writing these words
While my old cat drools over birds
At his best place by the French doors
That maybe once let in oil-whores
That I ran with for long enough
To know what love is worth
For a night
After several drinks
When no one’s thinking
It will send and you won’t even know
The name of who it was thirty years later
You will only recall a ginger ass
Bouncing in the dark
While the starry skies flew over head
Wars came home
With coffins full of the dead
Blue skies fled across the hours and days and years….

…until it is that sunshine falls
Upon the public housing walls
And the wheeled walker
To the bus stop full of people
Your grandfather would cry to see you hug….

…or maybe smile…

…because we are only here such a very short while.

(photo by thecontrail.com )


Dripping Green

To fight sleep or not?
Maybe I should give in…
Close these eyes for night…

…and dream the dreams.

Early in the morning,
Running in rain-forests,
Dew still kissing fog rising,
Green dripping water falls,
You smiled at me,
You grabbed my arm and leap’t,
Free fall into the deep green,
More than a mile in,

Fearing nothing,
Canopies of soft green,
Water falls,
Slowed by sweet green,

Almost we flew.

Enough To See The Angels

He knew
When all that was left was place

He knew


He told two of us about it
Not long before it came
But even before then

Four locks
Three locks

Gun under the pillow
Near the chair

Central scrutinizer

None came or left but that

He knew
Climb in the window at midnight
Look down the shined barrel

He knew

When that was all that was left to do
He stood guard for free

He always was a guardian
Guardians are often fierce
Warriors often live
By unknown


He knew
Deciding rather than to wait
He would choose the time
He found that only he
Could see the banner
Flying in the yard
With his name upon it

But in spite of that
In spite of all

He stayed

Long enough
To see the Angels


He knew

Within the Dream

Squeeze the wind from the tartan bags
Pluck the raindrops from the stringed harp
Blow away last year’s leaves with sharp exhales
Upon the flute play the bodhran boom
Vibrate the skies and fill the eyes
Until they make rivers
Fill the seas and dance on feet
World wandering wonder’s beheld
Never leaving the dream of dreams


Skip fast
The kids are quick
Wheels popping on curbs
Step stop
Laughing at the falls
Fast fast fast
Before the po po come
Whiz the parking lots
Bright shirts flash by
White smiles
Jump over the speed bumps
Brake fast
Breakfast for the eyes
Careless car-less caress
Oklahoma winds
Skip fast


Move it on down th’ river
If you’re not gonna dock
If you’re not gonna rock
In the cradle with me
Move it on down…

I don’t have time
T’ waste thinkin’ of you
If you’re gonna pass by
Maybe I’m there

Maybe I’m busy with love
Maybe a new boat tied fast
Maybe fishin’ alone
Smilin’ like I ate the sun

Movin’ on down the river
Maybe swimmin’
You think you want me
I won’t feed your niaat need
I am takin’ care of business

Move that moooooo minnnnn’ t’
To a beat you can serve
I deserve real
No bad stuff here
I wish you well dear

Move it on down th’ river
If you’re not gonna dock
If you’re not gonna rock
In the cradle with me
Move it on down…

Mood Glides

Mood glides
Tonight I’m doin’ it myself
You don’t need anyone


It’s there
Like inside back beat heart
Mood glides
Slides the brass ring
Grab it


You don’t need anyone
You close those
Soul doors
Kick back and dance
Like inside back beat heart
Mood glides


Turn the red light on
No reason
Tonight I’m doin’ it myself
Bass out
Soul doors


Mood glides
Turn the red light on
You don’t need anyone