I can stare at your photo for hours at a time if I have them to waste I’d rather waste them staring at your face. How is it that someone can be so beautiful? How is it that those eyes are staring at my soul from 1000’s of miles away, I can feel your mind sit next to mine and melt into me for a moment and then go. How much joy there is in those rare moments that feel like they do not belong to Time? How can I express with words not big enough to tell you all the times you made me smile while I was crying over these years. You are my far away rainbow and I still don’t understand how it is you affect me so out of hundreds of people that I have to connect to you can still reach out past them all and hold my beating heart in your hands and blow love over all the scars it has and it trusts you like it trusts my mother. Who are you strange and beautiful one who is so different from the huge herd, who is like the sun, like a divine force of natural power in whose storms I would stand in the shower and drink up the floods of love like the desert I am full of exotic flowers that only bloom for you.