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Yesterday things
Still had magic

Yesterday was storm
Today is empty plains
Wind blown grass
Old footprints

Once you walk away
Time changes

Nothing left
Except the treasures locked
In human minds
I would spill all mine
At your feet

If the feet
That left the prints
Still stood next to me
You would take my hand
We would walk


Uncaring if we could see

There is a place inside
Time stops
You are there
In Oklahoma wind
Like one of the kings

This is for you
Above all you will always be

Even if I am only a small moon
Orbiting around your warmth
It is enough
If you smile at me sometimes
Decades gone now

So often a voice only
Sura’s sent on video
I never can forget

There is a place inside
Time stops
There is forever

Yes I have loved many
I will love many

You are still king of them all

Was It Yesterday

Was it yesterday I lit a candal on the 40th year?

Was it yesterday we danced a waltz

A stranger and myself

To mariachi music

While drunks puked outside


Green grass

Green carpet

I sang and played guitar


Yes it was yesterday alone

No one noticed me at all

Was it yesterday I lit a candal on the 30th year?

Leaving love forever for the sake of love


Still alone

Life is like the Barrancas

Where she dies

Where he goes on alone

Where the keys tangle

The notes clash

Was it yesterday I lit a candal on the 20th year?

So sure of my future

Knowing every story I would live

Certain of the years

Ungrateful for my meagre gifts

Yet bold



Was it yesterday I lit a candal on the tenth year?



Withdrawn from a world that made no sense

Crying for everything lost

Not knowing

How much more would fall

From the tree of my life

Until leaves barely cling now

Was it just a moment ago I lit a candal on the 50th year?

Amazed I still exist

Looking forwards to such small dreams

Like lighting a candal for the next year

That will occur in less than a moment.

Dark Morning

Early in this dark morning
Before the rise of sun
I can feel you all in your day
All so beautiful
Wishing that somehow
You could all know
That you could feel me
Touch your heart
If I could be there with you all
Wherever you are
… Watching your seas and mountains
Smiling with you like I see you smile
In worlds I can not hold
In two hands then
Are all the prayers I can give
For every one of you
To be the strong and beautiful ones
I know each and every one of you are
Can you hear me sending one voice
In these electromagnetic winds
Like a messege in a bottle
Floating on a sea of Love
So amazing
So almost unbearable missing
So present in every word
In every thought
Melancholy joy
Happy sorrows
The hope that one day we will meet
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥